Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

The pillow shaped box and the priestess

Demon summoning scrolls? I know we shouldn't, but should we?

Now that they had taken care of clearing the ship, they needed to find the halfling trader Mosif, who promised to organise for their items to be identified.

Mosif was located in the Silver Star, which had a higher than usual number of guards outside. As the party approached the tavern they noticed the guards were tougher than usual. Raak approached the guards and was immediately denied access. He sat on the stairs in front of the guards in protest, only to be told to move across to the other side of the square.

Bingo managed to bribe one of the guards and silver tongue his way in.
It was a big tavern and after searching he was told by a maid that Mosif is in one of the private areas. He went there and saw Mine the dragonborn bodyguard. Mine was less than helpful, but eventually got Mosif.

Mosif instructed Mine to escort Bingo to the person Crown person responsible for the task of identifying magic items.
Bingo quickly found out that only 5 items could be identified:
- Rod – damaged dwarven rod of immobility
- Crossbow and 2 other items also identified
- Black gem and white hand necklace not magic

Upon exiting the tavern and group moved towards the docks. Raak spotted something amiss; a large crowd had gathered right next to the ship they had fought it just earlier. The ship and the creatures inside were neutralised, so the party was immediately concerned and went to investigate.

Half a dozen Baldur’s Gate guards were fending off a large crowd of peasants.
The country quickly understood that a box was found by a group of local thieves (who were now swimming in the water) and the guards fighting over a pillow shaped box.

The party understood it’s potential importance and quickly tried to entice the crowd to push forward. However, this plan slightly back fired as Bingo and Raak weren’t pervasive and intimidating enough and Theren was trying to reason with the crowd…

More guards were coming to help and were almost there. The crowd resisted the extra guards, as they began pushing people away or arrest, the party acted.

They took another approach:
Fog cloud spell by Raak blocked off line of sight on the pier and Bingo sculled down a potion of water breathing.

At this point the junior captain made it past the crowd and was in the fog – giving orders to protect the box… someone else

Bingo then jumped into the fog and after an intense period searching (and bumping into BG guards) located it. It was being carried down into the water by a junior captain of the city guard, who was climbing down a ladder. Without hesitation he jumped onto the box – still being carried by the captain. The captain not anticipating this was knocked off the ladder and had let go of the box.

The heavy box was dropped into the harbour and sank to the bottom – Bingo swam down and dragged it along the bottom of the harbour, under the pier and ships. It was quite deep 40+ ft, so after getting used to the pressure – he hastily went to the secret guild harbour entrance. Upon coming up, he surprised the guards, who told them to be on his way. They were probably more embarrassed by the fact that they were caught off guard and didn’t want to be reported, but it didn’t matter.
Bingo then quickly ran into another problem – another guild member, who was friends with a person allegedly Bingo owes money to. He was interested in his pillow shaped box. The halfling quickly improvised – “Do you stop me from spreading the my father’s ashes?” That seemed to work and Bingo quickly wrapped up the box and went straight to the tavern they were staying at.

Theren on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. Locked up with the other low life, he asked to be freed as it was a mistake, or at least be told for the reason he was arrested. Being dragged and thrown into jail did not help him at all. Eventually someone came to take his name. At this point he used his knowledge of the law (bless St Cuthbert) and asked for the form to be released, as no charges have been given – basically detaining everyone illegally. He filled in the form and it was taken away. Hours later, someone came in and released him and only him, without an apology, but more importantly without a criminal record.

Raak, Tylan and Thormyl retreated to a safe place. Tylan agreed to wait for Bingo at the tavern while Raak and Thormyl would go to the Temple District and find out more about their quests.

They came to Ulaa’s of worship and were told that there was another attempt at stealing the red gems. They decided to quickly investigate and found out the thief had injured himself by springing one of the simple traps. Raak had noticed that the blood trail leads back out the window and they went outside to follow it.
Soon it became obvious that the thief was badly injured, as they were now 15 minutes and still finding blood. They then spotted a boot pointing towards the sun sticking out of bush – it was not moving.

They did their best to creep up and surprise the thief, but only to find he was already dead. He had taken a serpents poison – which instantly kills anyone who has been seriously hurt. They found red gems in his back pack and returned these to the temple.

The half elf druid and the dwarf cleric then went to visit the Beory shrine and quarters, only to find that the priestess Raak was contacted about was in possession of a questionable book. Looking through it Thormyl determined it was evil in nature.
They were also told about a priestess next door that was practicing unnatural magic – who is now locked up and cannot be seen by anyone.

Beory’s cleric had almost begged Raak to return the priestess as she was a prodigy of the church, understanding spells well above a 14 year old’s grasp and understanding. Raak was given 25gp to help him on his quest, but turned it down and said he will do his best.

The party eventually all returned to the tavern and shared their findings.
Then there was the chest. The druid meditated and cast detect magic, using that knowledge the sorcerer was able to help the rogue identify the traps and eventually disable both.

Inside they found scrolls, items of interest and 5 silver sheets. The sheets were identified by Thormyl … they were demon summoning items, with about 10-12 needed to summon one.

The party split the sheets, Theren declining to carry one. The party decided to rest and were getting ready for bed, but Raak couldn’t rest.. a sense of urgency filled him. And then, as if to help him make the right decision, a voice that he had heard before repeated and stressed that the priestess is immediate and grave danger.

He started to pack up, the rest of the party stuck by him and packed up.

They headed to the docks, as that’s the last place he was told she was spotted. Talking to one of the shady boat sellers they found further information, that a group of large bulky men (or something else) took their “daughter” on a boat to Baldur’s Gorge.

Baldur’s Gorge was a place you could only get to by sea, it was a bay surrounded by steep cliffs, where you could buy almost anything. Unfortunately it was also the most criminal place within hours travel of Baldur’s Gate. Here the law was questionable and might makes right and weak don’t survive the night.

The party bought a small boat and rowed their way to the Baldur’s Gorge. Theren and Raak making quite the headway, almost halving the time it would usually take.

Raak tied the boat and just as Thormyl climbed onto the narrow dock half a dozen sahuagin jumped out of the water – some onto the dock.

Tylan was tangled in a sahuagin net almost immediately, hampering his aim.

Raak and Thormyl tried to control the narrow dock. Raak casting spells, while Thormyl kept the sahuagin from moving any closer along the dock to the party. Raak’s poison spray seemed to be ineffective, or at least they were resisting nearly all of his attacks.

Bingo was lucky and able to hide behind the boats side or behind his team mates – constantly surprising his enemies.

Theren took on an enemy from the boat then threw his dagger at one in the water. When that didn’t work, he threw himself into the water.

After the party defeated the sahuagin, they took a quick rest of the docks.

No loot or XP


Raak seemed to enjoy being back on the water, his recent adventures had provided new perspective on his life and being back on a boat reminded him of why he went to sea in the first place.


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