Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

The battle in the ships hull and barnacles

Who's not a fan barnacles?

The party took advantage of still being in the city and decided to sell all their treasure.

As they were preparing to explore the ship they saw a tiefling approach them at the pier. It was Teflon, a warlock they met before.
Teflon waved passed the guards as if he knew them and made his way to the party.
The party greeted him with caution, but as they fought before at the gnomish fort, there was some respect and a pinch of friendliness towards him.

Teflon mentioned that he could sense something in the ship that felt uncomfortable to him and he was happy to help the party out.

Teflon, Raak, Thormyl and Bingo went to investigate the ship, while Theren and Tylan covered the pier and their escape route.
They found a couple of traps in the ship and noticed moving water below the deck.
The ship itself was rotting and full of barnacles. The top cabin was wrecked and Raak made a note of the fact the steering wheel and the connection to the rudder was missing altogether. They didn’t find much in the cabin, so Raak moved to the bow and jumped down into the hull.

The bottom of the boat was covered in sand with fast flowing seat water – defining logic as the hull was at least 10 feet underwater and with such a fast flow, the hull should be filled up by now. The sides of the boat were in a thick layer of barnacles, in some sections more than one feet thick.

As Raak landed he noticed a head like shape inside the barnacles, the head turned and told him to leave. Raak had tried to gain more information, but it was of no use – the head just kept telling him to leave the ship. He then spotted another head on the opposite side of the ship wall, and another one – seemed to be dotted left and right as a pattern. There was a bit of light coming from the open hatch, so the monk joined him.

At the same time Teflon made his way down the rotting, barnacle invested ladder (possibly more barnacle than wood!) in the middle of the hull. He also noticed the sand and the rushing water.

At this point the druid had enough from the barnacle faces and smacked one with his weapon, immediately causing a chain of events to occur – or just bad timing.

A mini tidal wave… a massive wave almost 5 feet high originated from the bow, taking everyone by surprise and pushing them towards the stern of the ship. As the party were pushed, faces appeared on the side of the ship that were previously barnacles – these faces then jerked forwards, attacking the party with their rusty, barnacle covered weapons and arms.

They could now see what was at the stern – massive squid like creature taking up the entire back of the hull – fully embedded into the ship, with only the mouth and the seven or so tentacles visible. The tentacles moving with the waves as if in a search for something.

Teflon found himself right in front of the beast – after barely being missed by the barnacle men. He tried to retreat, but the waves were too strong and kept him face-to-face with the beast.

At this point, Theren, Thormyl and Raak (in bear form) were fighting the locked in barnacle creatures and were making their way to the middle of the hull, where Bingo had jumped down and was taking shots at the tentacle beast. Tylan stayed in the cabin shooting through the ladder hole at the best. He wasn’t risking jumping down as he was already hurt.

Then, two giant crabs appeared to originate from behind the beast, one from beneath the beast and another from above, breaking through the deck and going straight for Tylan, exposing the top of the beast in the cabin, which a tentacle immediately took up, luckily Tylan was out of reach.

The party was also surprised by one of the barnacle faces, who instead of attacking screamed at the party. Frightening them as they went past.

After the crabs were dispatched – Tylan roasting one with his magic and the other being dispatched in the hull by Theren, the party needed to concentrate on stopping the waves, the barnacle men and the beast. At this point Bingo found an area of high sand – probably a combination of barnacles, shipwreck material and other junk. He took cover and was able to hit the creature every time.

Thormyl and Raak were systematically attacking the barnacle covered things and making their way down the hull. Theren was doing alright, but a wave pushed right against the beast, at which point it he was fighting to survive. Teflon was also in a bit of trouble, but managed to move just far enough so not to be threatened by the beast.
Tylan and Bingo continued to take their shots – continuously damaging the beast and noticing that the waves were getting smaller as they did more damage.

Theren, eventually went down and Raak (still in bear form) grabbed him, just before he was going to be consumed by the beast, as he was grappled by one of the tentacles.

The party eventually overwhelmed the beast and killed off all of the barnacle creatures. They found nothing more but barnacles and the captains sword.

The magic detected by the Raak and Teflon slowly faded away from the ship.

Loot and XP given
Bingo gained an inspiration point


Baldur’s Gorge comment from Raak… I’m not feeling too good.


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