Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

Beory's final stand

Two dozen mindless peasants shreaded in less than two minutes

The party searched through both the sacrifice area and the meeting chamber before them. Finding agates, bloodstones and a couple of silver scrolls.

Thormyl, Teflon and Raak carried the rest of the party out.
Upon reaching the exit to the outside, they noticed that the guards were still stationed outside. Both of the guards looked worn. Teflon turned back into one of the locals and tried to persuade the guards to let him through with the priestess, taking her to another place. The guards initially let him go, but then saw the rest of the party also carrying bodies. Raak and Thormyl did their best to convince the guards to let them pass and fooled one of the guards to go back inside to check. It wasn’t worth to fight the guards, so they made their way, but not before seeing the other guard was seriously injured.

On their way to the docks they were confronted by three thugs, who wanted some gold. Three gp to be precise. With more of their kind probably lurking in the shadows, Teflon used his mind trick and managed to convince the thugs to leave them alone.

They got in the boat, which was guarded by Bingo this whole time. Bingo was pleased to see that all made it out, even if some were badly hurt.
Raak and Thormyl started to row. It was going to take a while as Thormyl was not used to rowing. The alternatives Bingo and Teflon were not even considered due to their strength and it didn’t help Teflon had an obvious fear of water.

Raak was in a hurry and pushed his body to the limit, eventually passing out. Teflon took over and they eventually made it back to Baldur’s Gate. Bingo got up and went to fetch the horses for the party.

He encountered two thugs on his way. Recalling his previous encounter while outnumbered, he forced himself to give up gold and a dagger to pass safely. He then returned back within an hour with all three horses and carrying equipment.

On the way back to the tavern, they were stopped by the guards. Thormyl’s attempt to tell the truth about the priestess made the guards suspicious. More guards were called and they were escorted back to the barracks, where they were detained.
Beory’s priest was called to confirm the story. When he arrived, he didn’t notice the unconscious Raak, took the priestess and left.
The guards were a bit confused and after a while let the party go without any further questions.
The party returned to the tavern to take their much needed rest.

As soon as all were awake in the morning and completed their person errands they hurried out of the tavern.
They rushed to the temple district, only to find 30 or peasants demanding all sorts of strange things. Majority wanted the priestess dead or sacrificed as she has brought unrest to the city, others wanted to see if she was real. The BG guards were doing all they could to keep the protest civilized. Raak came closer to the crowed and almost instantly found out that some of them had been bribed to be there. He then said that he was also paid to be here, but much more, a whole gold. Some of the peasants left in a hurry mumbling that the few copper their received was not worth it.

They couldn’t get access to the temple and went to check on the Ulaa’s temple instead. Here they found about a a secret tunnel connecting the three temples together – Ulaa, Beory and Ehlonna. Thormyl and Raak went into the secret tunnel, while Tylan, Bingo and Theren stayed behind.

In the tunnel they found two stone guardians who “only let through those of faith”. They passed the test and came up to the Beory’s temple. The priests and other priestess were packing to make a run for it. They helped the rest and headed for the tunnel. At this stage the BG guards were having difficulty containing the ever increasing number of now semi-violent peasants.

It began to rain and the tunnel was actually part of the storm drain system, which began to fill up.

Raak was carrying the unconscious priestess with another priestess and upon reaching the stone guardians they were denied entry. The unconscious priestess was “not of natural”. At this point the tunnel started to flood and they headed back. Thormyl made it to Ulaa and was concerned Raak didn’t. Theren then was sent to swim through the tunnel, but his superior swimming skills did not help him get passed the stone guardians.

The rest of the party could see a light coming from Beory’s temple, as if a warning of sort.
Inside the temple Raak lay down the priestess and noticed that the other priestess had drawn a dagger and was ready to fight. He turned into a bear and try to carry them both, but an external force was preventing him from moving the unconscious priestess. Positioning himself defensively away from the main doors, they both prayed for guidance.

Outside the conditions were getting worse. More guards were injured and had abandoned their positions, leaving just a few holding the key entry points.

The rest of the party started to suspect danger and explored their options. They eventually found out that a garden connects the two temples. It’s mostly built into the nearby hill, so difficult to see. Furthermore, it grows “magic vegetables” and is secret to those not of faith.

The party made their way to Raak and he was pleased to see his friends. They all tried to move the priestess, but at this point she had a strong magic effect on her preventing anyone from doing anything. Thormyl tried last and managed to take off the glowing bracelet, as this happened the windows started to smash – the enemy were coming in.

The party took a defensive position in the corner and used the massive statue of Beory’s angel as a barrier, funnelling enemies to either side.
The peasants were mindless, charging straight forward, their eyes wandering with lust, their actions sluggish (possibly from malnutrition, but also something else) and their smell was just awful.

Raak turned into a bear and fought the right flank, on the lower flank Theren and Thormyl took turns fighting the enemy.
Tylan cast a new spell – cloud of daggers appeared next to Thormyl, basically forcing the enemies to fight Thormyl or go through the piercing cloud, as the temple wall and the statue were blocking other paths. Now that the bracelet was off the priestess, the other priestess started to drag her friend away to safety through the secret garden.
Thormyl was empowered by the bracelet, each strike hitting so hard that some of the enemies body parts would detach and scatter across the temple floor.
Tylan’s spell was especially effective as the mindless mob kept walking straight into them, only pausing once they saw too many of their comrades were shredded. A loud banging could be heard on the main doors, but they had no time to worry about that.

More and more peasants were entering the temple through the windows, some being cut up by the cloud before they could even take a step. Raak was being challenged fighting 3 of them at a time and holding his own, as they just kept coming at him in his bear form and slowly wearing him down. Tylan still concentrating on his cloud of daggers spell did support Raak with his fire spells, but these were not as effective as they could only target one at a time.

The main temple doors finally caved in and a massive abomination stood. It rushed towards Thormyl trying to overpower him with its claw like hand and its massive weight. Thormyl took a massive hit and was somehow still alive, more hits connected with his shield and armour and he thanked his god for his luck.

Thormyl and Raak had used up all of their healing spells and were badly injured.
Some of the party were still standing, but the chances of them surviving this battle were slim.

[At this point it was 2:30am in the morning and we HAD to pause]


That battle wasn’t quite as fast as I thought it might’ve been. Then again, there were like 40 or 50 of those damned peasants.

Beory's final stand

Loved that cloud of daggers.

Beory's final stand

thanks Grisha, that was super helpful. I can’t believe you took your time to post this content. Your efforts are muchly appreciated. I now know where we’re up to, even if I wasn’t there for the last few sessions

Beory's final stand

Agreed, cloud of daggers is awesome and should be renamed “Peasant blender”.

Beory's final stand

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