Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

Mosif and Bingo's items.

Some say Mosif's favour is worth a small fortune, others say it is like a god's blessing, no one has heard of it being used to "get their stuff back", until now...

After finishing off their breakfast, the party noticed a bit of a scuffle outside. A couple of rough looking men were being restrained by the guards. Bingo noted that they could have been thugs from Baldur’s Gate, but couldn’t identify them.
Raak asked if everything was ok and the BG soldiers said that they were trying to get unlawful entrance to the Tavern and badly injured two of the guards, who were sleeping.
Raak, with Thomdor went and assisted the two injured soldiers.
As Raak was leaving, he unintentionally started to act “shifty” around the soldiers and mumbled something in a foreign language – it was actually a small prayer of thank you, as the soldiers may have prevented the party (and Raak) from being attacked by the thugs.
One of the soldier captains took this as a bit of an insult and honestly thought that Raak was a criminal wanted in BG! He mentioned Raak’s head is worth 50gp in BG, enough to pay his squad’s wages for a whole month. This quickly escalated and all 15 or so soldiers were about to fight the party. The soldiers had veterans in their ranks so the party hesitated to attack, plus they were meant to be on the same side. Tylan attempted to defuse the situation, acting as a highborn of BG… the captain eventually agreed on 25gp and allowing Tylan to take Raak back to BG for sentencing.

The party continued on their way to BG, persevering to catch up to the thieves who stole Bingo’s items.

After a while some of the party members could go no further.

They were not far from BG. A premium tavern was not far ahead, where the high born of BG usually gathered. Thomdor remembered that there was also another, less expensive tavern around the back of this one. They went there instead.

Talking to the barkeep, they found out that there was trouble in the tavern next door and immediately went to investigate. Two light horses stood outside, the light saddle and farmers markings indicated it had travelled far – could be from the farm. Inside they found a group of highborn kicking and interrogating two of the guards from the farm. One was beaten unconscious, the other appeared drunk and also beaten.

The party accused them of stealing from them and passing the intimidation check, dragged the conscious one outside. Raak had dunked him in the trough, semi waking the guard up. The tavern bouncer (obviously a season fighter), stood outside on the tavern balcony and watched the party interrogate the poor guard further. They got little information, except for the fact that the rest of the guards left off with the items and the tavern’s gold, wounding the tavern keeper in the process.

Nadar was left in the back tavern – too exhausted to walk or ride. Raak, Theren and Thomdor travelled at a slower pace with one horse. Tylan and Bingo rode ahead, trying to at least catch up and follow the rest of the thieves. Tylan’s riding skills were very effective, enabling him to travel with Bingo on one horse at full speed.

They reached the main Baldur’s Gate’s city gates, with no sign of the farm guards. They were almost certain they did not pass them. They asked one of the senior BG guards to keep an eye out for the farm guards and for their friends. The guard much appreciated the tip and agreed

They split up even further, Tylan searching the central district, with no luck and Bingo checking with his guild. Bingo was in luck, someone tipped him off that a large number of unique items will be sold at the auction. The items came from an unusual source and were to be sold as soon as possible, on a Sunday of all days (today).

Bingo infiltrated his own guild, being well aware of the sever repercussions should he be caught. Making his way into the action he almost lost his cover as he spotted his own items (including the crossbow), with an auction sign!
To his luck, one of the auctioneer assistants was an old accomplice of his, he sneaked through the faceless crowd at the auction and made it to his mate. He managed to delay the auction – his mate “seemed to have lost” some of the indicated starting prices and item value sheets.

Bingo sneaked back through and met up with Tylan, they waited for the party to return to make the next move.

Going to get the items from the thieves guild was out of question, for some of the party.

They decided to see Mosif first.

They were stopped at the gates. Mosif was not available, it was Sunday… But the blessing of Thomdor’s deity, they were in luck. One of the guards was a junior member of his sect. Thomdor flexed his religious muscle and managed to gain entry for himself and one other.

Mosif was delighted with the farm’s update and the party’s initiative to deal with the farm’s threats.

As a reward, Mosif offered the party a game to play… which some of the party did not take well.
He would offer a total of 10 items and each party member could only pick one item. The catch was that the items would be offered one at a time to only two members of the party, individually. Meaning that if the two it was offered to refused the item, it would be “lost”. It was bizarre, but Mosif was getting a bit of a kick from this, being a halfling and all.

The party ended up with a number of rings, +1 magic dagger, greater healing potion and 100gp.

Mosif also offered one favour the party could use at any time.
After much discussion about when to use the favour the party, the party asked Mosif to help them retrieve their items from the guild’s auction.

Mosif said he will do his best and to come back after the auction was finished. They provided a basic description of the items they had.

After doing their own things, they returned. Mosif had some of their items, plus more.

It was night and they desperately needed to rest.

XP given
No further loot


While bingo enjoyed the comfort of the bear suit, he finds it nice to be armoured and armed to the teeth once more!

Mosif and Bingo's items.

I think that’s the only time so far horse riding ability has been of any use

Mosif and Bingo's items.

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