Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

Disaptched the prince and on their way

To camp number five.

The adventurers used the healing potions they found in the library to heal themselves.
As they were getting ready to go, Raak found a gnomish child that was clutching a scroll. After some bartering with the child, the party uncovered another clue to the camps.

With two floors filled with kobolds ahead of them, Bingo sneaked ahead, knowing that they were pressed for time.

They skipped the floor above them, as it appeared to be empty.
On the roof top a handful of kobold mages, archers and a well dressed gnome stood. They were all busy attacking things below, leaning over the gnome size parapets and shouting orders. Bingo managed to take two out before the battle began.

The gnome watched as the kobolds were slain one by one. The kobold in command had an electric mace that was doing a bit of damage to the party.

Once the kobolds were cleared (and this took a while…) The gnomes below demanded evidence that their “prince” was ok and that the kobolds were indeed dead!

The Tylan used his silver tongue to talk some sense into the gnome crowed, and they listened… to an extent. Nadar decided to be a bit less traditional and threatened the poor gnomes, fortunately he wasn’t feeling well and his voice was strained, so the message was a bit mixed and most likely misunderstood by the gnomes.

With the elders missing, some of the gnomes were easily persuaded by the gnome prince, but the fact that Nadar had dropped him from the second story and Raak had poised him, meant the party could continue forth on their adventure knowing no more poisonous thoughts were floating within this young gnomish community.

They looted what they could, but remembered that unfortunately Nadar had thrown off majority of the bodies and the gnomes did the looting, including the magical mace.

With the additional information the party set forth to camp 5, where they predict to see the hostages, with just enough time to return to Baldur’s gate later tonight… that is, if all goes to plan.



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