Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

Beory's and Skaal's defence, There's death and travels to Arganius
Dragon killing, item creation and teleportation - what else would one wish for?

[The following sums about four sessions worth of adventuring so grab a drink and get comfortable before reading this update]

The gigantic stitched up leathery beast was slamming his claws against Thormyl’s shield. Mindlessly attacking the dwarf, who still managed to hold his ground, just. His hammer hitting true and hard almost every time, most likely due to the empowerment provided by the bracelet he took off the priestess.
They wore down the abomination and now just a handful of peasants remained.
At this point Teflon appeared by one of the church windows, he was looking for the party in regards to sharing further information on the Bloodhound guild’s operations. He was just in time. Launching a barrage of spells at the enemy, he almost did more damage to the church than his targets.
With a final round of attacks, all enemies were defeated, the survivors exhausted, covered in guts and blood. Those alive quickly stabilized their friends and retreated to Ulaa’s temple through the garden passage. The state of Beory’s temple they left behind is something difficult for one to imagine – a crated mountain of body parts, guts and blood in one corner, a large oozing corpse in the middle and scattered all around the temple floor half shredded, burned and broken bodies lay.
They saw Baldur’s Gate guards still waiting outside the temple, as if they were told not to enter and ignore the screams coming from the inside. Arriving at Ulaa’s temple they met up with the other priests and priestess – which were all very delighted to see them.

For the efforts and as a show of gratitude, a request for a reward letter was sent to Beory’s high church and Raak was told to return in a weeks’ time to pick up whatever was to arrive.
Thormyl returned the bracelet and the party was thanked for their efforts.
Thormyl was also asked to collect further red gems for his church.

After a well-earned long rest in the tavern the party decided to help Tylan and Nadar with their quests – Nadar needed to assist a dragonborn clan, whist Tylan need to get one of the teleport portals back up and running as it was at risk of being destroyed by kobolds. Both of their destinations were in close proximity and so the party left Baldur’s Gate.
On the way there they encountered kobolds – at first it appeared to be a simple ambush, but as one of the horses fell through the dirt road into an open trap the party realised the kobolds were organised. A strange wolf like creature which breathed fire attacked them from the back. The party split up during the fight: Bingo and Tylan had fallen through a trap with their horse – but manged to climb out and fought back to back on the north side, while the rest of the party stuck together. It was later confirmed that the fire breathing wolf like creature was a hellhound and they were lucky to defeat it.
Further along the road they stumbled upon a kobold camp – with advantage of surprise on their side they attacked the guards and cleared the tents. One of the kobolds made a run for it and almost managed to get away.
The party arrived at a dragonborn village called Skaal where Nadar was delightedly surprised to see some of his extended clan. Ever since he was separated from his clan during an attack on his village, he believed he was the last of his clan, but here were some of the other he knew as a small dragonborn – distant cousins, uncles and aunties.

The Skaal dragonborn were a bit cold, almost unwelcoming to start off with but quickly warmed up, especially to Nadar. After noticing a number of weapons and defensive structures built up in this small village, party quickly learned village of Skaal was under waves of attacks from kobolds and other infernal creatures.
After discussions with the Skaal clan, it became apparent that the problem was a dragon in a cave nearby. The party agreed to help the clan defend the village and would attack the dragon afterwards. Skaal leader made it clear that he did not ask for this help, but nonetheless welcomed the unanticipated assistance.
It was getting late and they positioned themselves in the south west wall of the fortified village. A thin fog started to appear and Raak thought he spotted something fly by high in the clouds. They soon heard the Skaal drums go off and readied themselves to take on whatever was coming their way.
The first wave of kobolds came out of the forest – as they charged the walls, the party shot, threw and fired a barrage of spells and weapons at them. A hellhound took down the gate, but was soon defeated. They mopped up the rest and quickly recovered as they knew that another wave was to follow closely. Raak and Tylan positioned themselves on the gate, while Bingo, Theren and Thormyl were station in the 20ft tall guard tower nearby. Bingo had moved to help Nadar at another entrance to the village.

More kobolds and hellhounds arrived. This would’ve been something the party could deal with for if it wasn’t for what was to appear from the ground on their side of the defensive wall. As they picked off the kobolds with their ranged weapons the ground began to bulge next to the guard tower. Over a few short rounds the bulge expanded, rumbling and rising 3ft, until it finally burst – sending rocks flying in all direction. Heat and foul smell spilled out of this hole followed by a massive infernal, rocklike creature, with dimly glowing red eyes and black chains surrounding its body. As if pushed out by pressure from below, it jumped out and attacked those on the tower.
It stood as tall as the guard tower and had long reach with its chains, which made it challenging for Thormyl and Tylan to cast spells. The monk was seriously injured and needed to retreat. He somersaulted off the tower, avoiding the deadly black chain attacks from the hellish creature. Landing safely out of reach of all enemies.
Thormyl and Tylan lashed out at the infernal being with magic and weapons – doing what they could to wound it – Thormyl’s hammer striking true on a number of occasions, coupled with Tylans fiery magic spells.
Raak scattered the kobolds outside with his Thunderwave spell and turned into a bear and climbed down the wall to assist his allies.

Two other dragonborn engaged the infernal creature, but also struggled avoiding its destructive chains.
The party was badly damaged and were finding it challenging to survive the onslaught. A handful of kobolds were outside the gate, shooting poison bolts and arrows at the party from a distance. Theren bravely engaged them at the door, preventing them from entering the village, but soon realised the mistake he made. One of the kobolds switched weapons and attacked him – Theren tried countering the attack with his fist, but the short sword pierced through his arm and into his chest. Theren was down and bleeding.

The infernal beast was taken down, but so was the rest of the party – the combination of pesky kobolds and the whirlwind of chains left most unconscious. Theren, Raak, Thormyl and Tylan were on the ground unconscious. At the same time Bingo returned and after seeing his allies on the ground, rush to aid them. He tried to stabilize as many as he could, before they bled to death. Tylan was ok, Thormyl had been gravely wounded and Raak was on the brink of death – being hit so hard by the chains of the infernal beast that it would take him days to recover. Raak was lucky to be alive as Thormyl literally brought him from the void between life and death. Theren was not so lucky. He had bled out by the time the Thormyl got to him. Theren died bravely, briefly stopping the kobolds from over-running the rest of the party.
It was indeed a sad evening – the dragon’s forces had retreated and the party soon found that the Skaal clan also had dozens of casualties. A handful of the infernal beast were killed that evening, more than ever before, not to mention the scores of kobolds that were obliterated.

The party wanted to revenge for the death of their dear Monk – who else was going to make sure they fill in the right forms? To their surprise they had an altercation with Skaal leader who blamed them for not being able to hold their own against kobolds. They decided to camp in the forest, not far from the Skaal village, but not before the druid had other plans…

The Skaal clan made it clear that they would not assist the party with any equipment, even thought they were distributing potions and scrolls to their fighters. The party were desperate for supplies and decided to raid the armoury – the druid turned into a cat and sneaked in inside. The party made an attempt at distracting the dragonborn guard, but that wasn’t even necessary. Once inside Raak realised that there wasn’t that much there – he noticed some scrolls and a handful of potions – taking them all, before turning back into a car and sneaking out unnoticed.
The next day they woke up early, are a spicy dragonburned breakfast, revised their spells, sharpened their weapons and loaded their horses. During the morning conversation they realised that it might be possible to revive the monk, or at least look into the cost associated in reviving the monk. After further discussion they realised that there was indeed a place not a week’s travel by boat from Baldur’s Gate called Arganius. There was also the potential to teleport there using the portal stone Tylan was sent to defend.

Nadar managed to convince the dragonborn in sharing some of their ancient scrolls and weapons with the party – they were given a potion that protected them from the red dragon flame and fear and scrolls that shot icy magic bolts that temporarily weekend a young red dragon. These were custom made artefacts, made by the Skaal clan long ago. A Skaal shaman had also cast a spell on Theren’s body to preserve it for just over a week from decay. This gave the party just enough time to get to potentially resurrect their friend.
Nadar was still injured and stayed behind to learn more about his clan.
In the meantime Bingo had made a friend called Diero – who was also an adventurer and was inspired to visit in person the Skaal clan to hear more about their stories. They hit off quite well and so Bingo stayed behind and would re-join the party after his wounds had healed.

Raak, Thormyl and Tylan were given directions to the cave and had packed their horses (taking Theren’s body with them). After a short farewell they set off.
The journey was quick as the path had been travelled well – before the dragon had nested and converted the cave, it was a common place for the dragonborn to travel to and even live as the heat provided the perfect place to forget weapons and the cave system provided natural protection from enemies.

They came to a small opening and saw that the large cave entrance was actually 60 or so feet up the small mountain. It was perfectly suited for a large creature as there was a small ramp like edge for take-off and landing. There were two well equipped kobold guards patrolling near the forest edge at the bottom and two more kobolds at the mouth of the cave. The heroes tied the horses in the forest and decided to ambush the kobolds. They took out the first two near the forest without any problems – all three hitting their targets allowing for no error. Raak and Tylan then sneaked up the steep slope and ambushed the other two guards – this proved difficult. Tylan barely hitting the kobold and the druid also missing his attacks. One of the kobolds was down, but the other ran deeper into the cave. Tylan and Raak gave chase. Going deep into the cave and at the last possible moment Tylan blasted a fiery ray at the kobold – fatally burning the creature right before the main turn into the cave opening. They still had the advantage of surprise on their side.

It was hot inside the cave, Raak and Tylan waited for Thormyl to catch up – who was sweating like an orc in a desert sun.
They peered around the corner and saw the massive cavern. It was at least 400 tall; you could see active lava between the two raised paths, both 30ft from the hot lava that seemed to move as one organism. One path led to what appeared a door with two well-armed kobolds and a bit further a strange dragon statue. The other raised path snaked it’s way to the dragon. Right before the path reached the dragons platform covered in coins and items, a short flimsy naturally formed bridge joined the path and the platform.
Raak knew they had only once chance to get this right – any mistakes would prove fatal. They spend another 5 minutes going over the plan and began to cast protective spells and drink potions to bolster their strengths. Thormyl blessed the party with guidance of Ulaa.

It was time. Raak charged out of the tunnel into the cavern, getting as close to the dragon as possible, but was still out of reach – he cast a spell on the dragon – Faerie Fire, causing a ghostly outline to appear around it. Tylan moved closer and cast a spell from one of the blue dragonborn scrolls – a cold blue bolt appeared from the scroll, guided by Ulaa’s blessing it arched across the hot cavern cooling the air and leaving a light blue trail as it whirred past. It hit the surprised dragon on its back . The dragon immediately responded with roar from the pain! The dragon was now weakened against other cold based attacks and the party had to use this to their advantage.
Thormyl moved out of the tunnel and cast a bolt that also travelled the distance, doing further damage to the dragon. Raak now in bear form, jumped over the natural rock bridge and was now next to the dragon. He bit and clawed the dragon, hitting it with all attacks.
As if the cavern had become alive, steam burst through the wall right near Raak and a large lava bubble burst near Tylan, both “natural” occurrences epically missing their targets – Raak and Tylan didn’t even realise the extent of their luck.

Thormyl and Tylan continued to shoot magic from the last blue scroll and used the only blue bolt they had – Tylan hitting the dragon right in the mouth as it began to road from the pain. He severely damaged the dragon, as the dragon was already temporarily vulnerable to cold attacks from the previous spell.
Although the dragon was not an of adult, his fire breath attacks were deadly – the druid being the closes target taking on the brunt of the fire damage, even with the protective spells he had around him. He immediately took on a defensive position and just managed to continue concentrating on his Faerie Fire while taking enough damage to kill an orc.
The party responded with a barrage of attacks, killing the barely standing dragon within 18 seconds of encountering the beast eye to eye.

At this stage four kobolds had already started to move from their guard positions around the cavern towards the party – they were armed with spears and crossbows – two shot at Thormyl and Tylan, missing their attacks. Another kobold was in a hurry and as he tried to take a shortcut and leaped over a small gap over the lava but misjudged his step. He slipped, falling graciously, still cursing in draconic as he fell and instantly being instantly incinerated by the lava.
With a final spell, the party defeated the dragon and concentrated on picking of the kobold guards. They were well trained as one had now wounded the druid.
Tylan released a few more spells which had saved and Thormyl bashed one of the kobolds with his hammer – the party now had adrenalin pumping through their blood and still with the blessing of Ulaa, they were landing their hits and avoiding enemy spells. Even these trained kobolds were no match.
The party then went and searched the cavern. They found the kobolds were near a large metal door, which had a long tunnel which was on a slopped downwards – possibly leading to the larger kobold society or camp. They decided to bolt the thick metal door shut.

They searched the kobold guards, the dragon statue and of course the dragon itself.
They found hundreds of copper pieces, scrolls, jewellery and other expensive silver and gold items. As if this wasn’t enough they decided to cut the dragon up and see if they could use any of its parts – such as the claws, teeth, tail, heart and scales. It was a long process and it didn’t help that Thormyl attempted to “hammer off” some of the claws – damaging them in the process. Druid seems to get the hang of the process and did well to remove the other parts.
They also found a gold ring with three red gems – each gem was slightly different size and shape and each had a storm of fire swirling inside it.
They loaded the horses, did one more sweep of the dragon lair and left, leaving behind the dragon carcass, smouldering in the hot temperature. The party noticed that the lava, the heat and general rumbling sounds had subsided, as if the lair was mourning the loss of its owner.

Just as the victorious party was leaving the cave they saw Bingo and another human waited for them outside in the open. Raak was immediately concerned for Bingo’s life and told the party to be ready for an ambush. Why on earth would Bingo just stand in the open, apparently eating something?
As the approached the two they soon realised that there was no threat. Bingo introduced Diero, the human Bard who he’d made friends with in the Skaal village. After a short interrogation by the druid the Diero was allowed to stay with the party.
On the way back to Skaal, Raak continued to poke Diero with further questions, but to his surprise the bard had nothing sinister about him, if anything he was quite honest and his occasional attempt to cheer up the party with music was somewhat welcoming. He also promised to write a song about how they defeated the dragon.
They return to the dragonborn village and were let through with no issues, Diero helping out getting them in as he had made friends here
As they passed through the village the dragonborn guards took interest in the spilling blood and overloaded horses. The party was told to wait.

Gabor, the Skaal leader arrived with ten other dragonborn – all semi armed but a couple were obviously taken off whatever other duties they were on as they were wearing artisan clothing. To the parties surprise Nadar was also with them.
Nadar waved from the back, happy to see his friends again, unlike most of the dragonborn. Gabor asked for the blood to be explained. Raak and Diero stepped forward and explained the situation. Gabor and the dragonborn were taken aback. They had lost so many lives to this damned dragon.

After further discussions and even briefly revealing the dragon parts to Gabor their actions were continued to be questioned. Skaal was to send a dragonborn – one of the shaman’s sons, to confirm the kill. The party didn’t have much time to wait around so the druid turned into a horse and took Jary back to the cave. Jary was excited to go on this adventure – he has always been village bound and hasn’t seen the world.

The rest of the party was invited into the inn where they talked further and shared their story in more detail, almost winning over Gabor. The elder members of the clan were also sceptical that a group of adventurers could just walk in and kill the dragon – they served half pints to the party, a token of appreciation for at least a good story.

Surpassingly Jary knew how to ride a horse – even if he was a bit rusty to begin with. This made it easy for Raak to travel, concentrating on his speed and breathing, rather than maintaining his balance and presence of his rider.

Raak didn’t hesitate; he rode straight into the cave and directly to the dragon. A couple of kobold bodies simmer in
the heat of the cave. Jary grabbed a tighter hold of the druid’s mane and leaned closer. Druid takes note that the cave is no longer as active as it was before, but still bloody hot!. A giant carcass lies at the end of the cave, which they rode towards, avoiding unstable path edges and gracefully jumping over the now fallen rock bridge. Once at the dragon, Jary jumped off Raak and looked around in disbelief and a slight hint of fear. He carefully approached the remains of the dragon and poked them with his spear. Realising nothing was going to hurt him, he straightened out his back, put down his spear, switched to his silvered dagger and chopped of a small piece of the wing.

Raak still in his animal form nudged him in the back. Jary jumped from the surprise and nearly fell into the dragon remains. He jumped back on Raak’s back and they rode back. They arrived back safely and Jary ran into the tavern, showing off the dragon piece. Jary bravely stated he had chopped it off and claimed that the dragon could have still been alive, but he had “finished it off”. Some of the dragonborn shook their head… there was obviously a story here about Jary crying wolf many times before.

The party discussed the next steps, but come up against a problem: the dragonbron won’t show them the way to the teleportation obelisk. Further, there was discussion about making dragon armour and weapons from the items the party had found.

The dragonborn had an old hermit shaman that lived not far from one of their farming clearings. They had sent a runner to confirm if the shaman was about, but he was out, carrying out important shaman tasks and wouldn’t be back for days. The shaman had previously worked on dragon armour as an apprentice to a great dragonborn crafter, Sulgar

Tylan recited that he had heard of the Bocore weapons, as they are exceptionally well made and worth their weight in black pearls. The weapons are remarkably good at killing dragons and the armour is said to protect the wearer against a direct hit from its breath attack. Stories are told of groups of heroes who confront a dragon and at a blink of an eye, the only heroes that are still exchanging blows with the dragons are those wearing and carrying Bocore made items.

Diero confirmed that he has heard of Bocore and his legendary crafting, but not in these lands, especially since they are so far from the Crown, where Bocore resided decades ago. After much discussion the party agreed to show the parts and pieces they had carved out of the dragon to Gabor and the Skaal clan.

Gabor had a look at the butchered pieces of the dragon, half smiling as at this point it hit him that his village was now safe. Raak had spotted the smirk, but kept to himself.

After studying the items that the party laid out on the floor, Gabor and another dragonborn concluded that a small set of armour could be made from the two pieces of dragonhide.

The dragons sharp tail end could be turned into a spear or a bolt for a portable bolt thrower.
The heart was potentially fresh enough to create what they called a warriors broth. This broth is rare and helps overcome dragon fear.
The claws he wasn’t sure of, but a necklace or a dagger or arrows could made from these. It’s a shame they didn’t have more.

It would take months to craft these items and the dragonborn offered to make them, but when the party would return to pick them up, the items would be evenly split and half would be left with the clan. The party agreed.

Nadar, excited by the prospect of crafting weapons and armour agreed to stay behind to learn the ways of his clan (which not a week ago he thought were extinct!) After further debate, the Skaal clan agree to show the party their sacred obelisk, but first the party would rest.

The next day, the party gathered their gear to adventure to the sacred temple. They soon found that not only Tylan and Nadar were to go with them, to their surprise majority of the dragonborn were also joining them!
They soon learned the reason for this. The obelisk was only a five minute walk away from the village…

They arrived there as a large convoy. In front of them in an alcove carved out of a hill, stood a 30ft tall obelisk with a dragon wrapped around the black marble pillar. Surrounding the obelisk in a very carefully laid out pattern were ten even circles, filled with runes of old. Time had worn out some of the dragons definitions, especially it’s mighty wings which were now chipped and half of the left wing had broken off and rested against its leg.

Tylan immediately noticed the runes on the parts of the obelisk which the dragon was not wrapped around. He began studying them and within minutes realised he could probably activate it. There was one issue, the obelisk used magic items to power it.

There was an area (almost like a sacrificial plate) designed for placing the items in front of the dragon, not bigger than a small shield. For items any larger the magic would not work.

By asking the dragonborn, the party found out that the obelisk would teleport a certain number of creatures based on the power of the item sacrificed. Those in the northern circles were likely to be teleported first. After discussing which items they would use and who would go first Tylan agreed to stay behind to active the teleportation and study it while they were gone. The party gave Tylan all of their silver demon summoning scrolls.

Bingo, Raak, Thormyl, Diero and three of their horses lined up on the circles. Tylan placed the powerful magic circlet of celestial hatred he found in the dragon cave and activated the teleport. Magic surrounded the site and the dragonborn roared in excitement – many in the audience have not seen this used before. The obelisk was surrounded by magic energies and the dragon statue’s belly started to fill up in bright red colour.

Tylan was trying to control the magics, but it was obviously something he had never done before. He could see a very fuzzy map in the magic and was searching for Freeport Arganius. Dots representing teleportation sites were dotted randomly across this magic map. The map became fuzzy as he looked further away from his location, which was represented with a dragon’s head. After looking around he started to suffer from mild dizziness, but finally locked onto the Arganius portal. There were actually two portals he could see, but something was wrong with one which he then ignored. The portal he linked to was represented by a unicorn’s head. However, he didn’t quite get the aiming right and the link was slightly off, by a couple of magic pixels.

At the belly half full, the magic energies suddenly turned and with the loud thundering sound three creatures disappeared. Raak, Thormyl and the horse with Theren’s body were nowhere to be seen.

The party reshuffled their order and Tylan teleported them again. This time, the link was perfect. He couldn’t believe it, whoever he just teleported went straight to the site. After his ritual, he looked to see who was gone, to his horror it was the two horses – which were carrying their gear!

Diero was next, also a bit of a miss on Tylan’s part. Teleportation was a tricky business.

Using his black dragon scale to fuel his teleport, Bingo was teleported last. Tylan found this the easiest teleport out of them all. Maybe he was getting the hang of it? Bingo on the other hand had a choice to make. The magics that powered his teleport had shown him the paths three paths, perhaps of his friends? Two thick paths separated towards the end and a third thin path was paired up with one of the thick paths. He mentally and physically leaned towards the thick and thin paths and was teleported.

Tylan was exhausted, he’s never had to work so hard in his life. The dragonborn cheered and a couple even breathed lightening into the air – as a show of appreciation for the entertainment.

On the other side Thormyl, Raak and the horse with Theren’s corpse appeared, fully submerged in fresh water…
Thormyl was in a bit of trouble, while panicking from his mild fear of water he realised that he was sinking, fast.
The horse panicked, of course, but it’s natural instinct told it to swim up, with Theren’s body attached.

Raak on the other hand, a confident swimmer swam up and took a quick look around his surroundings – he was in a small lake, which was surrounded by white slim buildings and trees. He immediately opened his backpack took out a potion of water breathing and dived to administer it to the drowning cleric.

Thormyl took the potion and gulped it down with some of the fresh water that surrounded him. He suddenly felt relieved, no longer did he have to hold his breath (even though he was quite the champion in his home town and even winning the “dunk your head into the bucket of dwarven ale and drink it before you drown” competition.

The horse seemed to be able to swim on its own, but then suddenly started to sink. Raak dived in to help, but it was difficult to assist as the horse started to panic. As it sunk it was almost hitting the bottom now, but then Thormyl ( casually walking on the bottom of the lake..) grabbed it’s hoofs and pushed it towards the surface. With Raak’s help, the horse made its way to the safety of the shore. Raak noticed a crowed forming at one of the larger buildings – carefully watching them, but not helping. They wore fine clothing.

Suddenly the bard landed in the lake, about 100ft from the rest of the party. He sure wasn’t a competent swimmer, but a decent floater. He didn’t sink and very slowly made his way to the shore.

The party saw a bit of light coming from the lake – it was being appearing fully submerged. He came up for a breath of air and also made his way safely to the shore.

As Bingo finished coughing up the lake water, he looked up and the now large crowd cheered. They started to throw coins at them. First the bronze, then the silver and even a few gold coins landed at their feet. They could not believe it. They could hear the crowd cheering a name – but couldn’t recognise it.

A well-dressed man ushered the well-groomed crowd away – still there was a large crowd outside of the estate, which congratulated them on their arrival. They were still on a beach, which was separated by tall 20ft walls. It was a private beach with access only from the estate. The well-dressed man left and about eight soldiers took their positions, crossbows at the ready. Bingo and Diero tried to defuse the tense situation with the guards and were successful, with the guards lowering their weapons, but still not allowing the party to leave the beach.

After a short while the well-dressed man came back and opened a dialog with the party. He was happy, but Raak sensed (Insight) it was a nervous laughter.
The well-dressed man introduced himself as the Baron of the estate and demanded to know why they were late and why the gnome illusionist was wrapped up in the body bag – which was actually Theren’s body. The party said they had come a long way.

The Baron demanded they hurry and set up for the “show”. The party went along with it and on the way to their “preparation room” found out that the Baron had to call on another gnome illusionist to entertain, but he also didn’t show up. Their room was fitted with expensive wallpaper, tall thick silk-ish curtains, a pedestal with a statue and a painting with a gold frame. The party had a difficult decision to make, do they escape, pretend to entertain or tell the truth? Unfortunately Raak had succumbed to stomach pains; perhaps it was the dragonburned chili he ate before travelling or teleportation sickness.

While discussing this they heard noises outside their room, suddenly a half dressed man burst through their door (which they thought was locked). He quickly closed the door behind him, leaning against the door, breathing a deep sigh oh releaf, thinking he was alone.

Not a minute ago Hercule was on cloud nine. He had been hired to look after a high ranking baroness that took interest in him. They drank fine wine, ate food with exotic ingredients followed up with a personal tour of the baroness’s chambers. Needless to say, this was a highlight of his life. But then an unannounced messenger came in and screamed once he saw the two in an intimate position in he private chambers. The baroness gave Hercule some gold (he dropped most as he scrambled to don his gear), dashed to the balcony and jumped a couple of balconies across, bursting into another room. From there he tried to sneak through the servants chambers, but found his way blocked.
Hurcule could now hear the guards closing in; he looked around and chose the nearest door. Using his immense strength, he slammed the door open and quickly closed it behind him.

The party reacted unusually; perhaps they were caught off-guard and so did not immediately draw their weapons. Once the new comer regained his senses, his eyes quickly filled with panic, but at the same time relief, for the strange mix of personas that were in front of him most likely meant they were not part of the estate guard. As the party asked him questions about his background, they heard heavy footsteps rushing around outside. This somehow brought both Hercule and the party together – for both were wanting to leave this strange place. Hercule did query why they were carrying a dead monk with them, but he was not in a place to judge others. To make sure that no one else bursts through the door, he picked up a 400 pound statue and pinned the door against it.

As they discussed their options, they noticed a thin mist fill the room, especially around the door which had almost wave like purples of gas pouring in from underneath it. Thormyl quickly reacted, giving Hercule a silk rope and telling him to go to the window. Bingo and Diego were up next and both peaked outside the window, noticing a large half bird half human creature sitting on the balcony. “Perfect” thought Bingo – “Just what we needed”. The birdman appeared to be chanting.

Three ghost-like figures conjured themselves from the now dense fog that covered much of the room’s floor.

Hercule was a bit confused, but understood that this might be his own wrong doing… at the same time, the others are carrying around a dead body… There was no time to think and he flung himself out of the second window, jumped across to the balcony and swung his axe at the chanting birdman, hitting him with full force.

The others were all holding their own, either facing the birdman via the veranda doors or deflecting the mind attacks of the purple ghost like creatures. The birdman then turned and confronted Hercule, first stunning him and then charming him to do his bidding.

Thormyl saw the opportunity and bull-rushed the birdman, hitting him off the balcony. The birdman fell 30 ft from the fourth floor and just managed to spread his wings avoiding taking the full amount of fall damage.

Hercule managed to regain his consciousness, but not before taking a swipe at the cleric, thankfully the cleric was already a bit weary of this half clothed hero, so he was able to defend the attack.

The three ghost like creatures then morphed their ethereal hands into blades of ice, attacking the party in a different way. The party quickly started picking them off one by one, but not before most were injured from the ghosts second wave of mind attacks.

Coincidently, as soon as the last “ghost” was defeated, the mist retracted and all was clear. Bingo searched the room and found that the painting was trapped. After closer investigation, Thormyl realised that it was a painting of one of the Crown’s princesses, which must have been painted at some point somewhere nearby as the background in the painting had a similar lake and houses. At the same time they heard footsteps and prepared to attack anyone coming through. The Baron spoke from behind the door saying that their act was cancelled and they must leave.

However, the party had a dilemma – Hercule was with them. They decided to lower the monks body with the rope from the balcony and wrap Hercule in the sheets that covered the dead body. Hercule and Thormyl lowered monks body with Bingo. Bingo untied the body and came back up with the rope. They then wrapped Hercule up in the rags and when the door was opened by the guards, they all left safely. The only thing that was strange that was noted by the party, was that they exited the side door… even though they entered in the main entrance.

They made their way back to the monk’s body, only to find a small crowd of people discussing what should be done and how it needed to be “disposed of”. Two heavily armoured guards were attending the body and were in charge of the situation. The new party member, Hercule the barbarian decided to use his muscle to defuse the situation and recover the body. He quickly realised that the guards were actually clerics of Pelor and his argument to take the dead body had no weight. Fortunately Thormyl stepped in at the most opportune moment. One of the clerics was not happy at all with letting the body be handled by the group of adventurers, but the other, named Laron, was happy to assist the party with the recovery – but he was still a bit concerned with the body being turned into an undead. Thormyl explained that they were taking this body to be resurrected by St Cuthbert and Laron aided in covering the body up.

The party managed to finally recover the body and made their way to a tavern that Hercule knew would ask no questions. After a 20 minute walk they were at a small tavern and were the only customers. They locked the room and stayed there for the night.

Beory's final stand
Two dozen mindless peasants shreaded in less than two minutes

The party searched through both the sacrifice area and the meeting chamber before them. Finding agates, bloodstones and a couple of silver scrolls.

Thormyl, Teflon and Raak carried the rest of the party out.
Upon reaching the exit to the outside, they noticed that the guards were still stationed outside. Both of the guards looked worn. Teflon turned back into one of the locals and tried to persuade the guards to let him through with the priestess, taking her to another place. The guards initially let him go, but then saw the rest of the party also carrying bodies. Raak and Thormyl did their best to convince the guards to let them pass and fooled one of the guards to go back inside to check. It wasn’t worth to fight the guards, so they made their way, but not before seeing the other guard was seriously injured.

On their way to the docks they were confronted by three thugs, who wanted some gold. Three gp to be precise. With more of their kind probably lurking in the shadows, Teflon used his mind trick and managed to convince the thugs to leave them alone.

They got in the boat, which was guarded by Bingo this whole time. Bingo was pleased to see that all made it out, even if some were badly hurt.
Raak and Thormyl started to row. It was going to take a while as Thormyl was not used to rowing. The alternatives Bingo and Teflon were not even considered due to their strength and it didn’t help Teflon had an obvious fear of water.

Raak was in a hurry and pushed his body to the limit, eventually passing out. Teflon took over and they eventually made it back to Baldur’s Gate. Bingo got up and went to fetch the horses for the party.

He encountered two thugs on his way. Recalling his previous encounter while outnumbered, he forced himself to give up gold and a dagger to pass safely. He then returned back within an hour with all three horses and carrying equipment.

On the way back to the tavern, they were stopped by the guards. Thormyl’s attempt to tell the truth about the priestess made the guards suspicious. More guards were called and they were escorted back to the barracks, where they were detained.
Beory’s priest was called to confirm the story. When he arrived, he didn’t notice the unconscious Raak, took the priestess and left.
The guards were a bit confused and after a while let the party go without any further questions.
The party returned to the tavern to take their much needed rest.

As soon as all were awake in the morning and completed their person errands they hurried out of the tavern.
They rushed to the temple district, only to find 30 or peasants demanding all sorts of strange things. Majority wanted the priestess dead or sacrificed as she has brought unrest to the city, others wanted to see if she was real. The BG guards were doing all they could to keep the protest civilized. Raak came closer to the crowed and almost instantly found out that some of them had been bribed to be there. He then said that he was also paid to be here, but much more, a whole gold. Some of the peasants left in a hurry mumbling that the few copper their received was not worth it.

They couldn’t get access to the temple and went to check on the Ulaa’s temple instead. Here they found about a a secret tunnel connecting the three temples together – Ulaa, Beory and Ehlonna. Thormyl and Raak went into the secret tunnel, while Tylan, Bingo and Theren stayed behind.

In the tunnel they found two stone guardians who “only let through those of faith”. They passed the test and came up to the Beory’s temple. The priests and other priestess were packing to make a run for it. They helped the rest and headed for the tunnel. At this stage the BG guards were having difficulty containing the ever increasing number of now semi-violent peasants.

It began to rain and the tunnel was actually part of the storm drain system, which began to fill up.

Raak was carrying the unconscious priestess with another priestess and upon reaching the stone guardians they were denied entry. The unconscious priestess was “not of natural”. At this point the tunnel started to flood and they headed back. Thormyl made it to Ulaa and was concerned Raak didn’t. Theren then was sent to swim through the tunnel, but his superior swimming skills did not help him get passed the stone guardians.

The rest of the party could see a light coming from Beory’s temple, as if a warning of sort.
Inside the temple Raak lay down the priestess and noticed that the other priestess had drawn a dagger and was ready to fight. He turned into a bear and try to carry them both, but an external force was preventing him from moving the unconscious priestess. Positioning himself defensively away from the main doors, they both prayed for guidance.

Outside the conditions were getting worse. More guards were injured and had abandoned their positions, leaving just a few holding the key entry points.

The rest of the party started to suspect danger and explored their options. They eventually found out that a garden connects the two temples. It’s mostly built into the nearby hill, so difficult to see. Furthermore, it grows “magic vegetables” and is secret to those not of faith.

The party made their way to Raak and he was pleased to see his friends. They all tried to move the priestess, but at this point she had a strong magic effect on her preventing anyone from doing anything. Thormyl tried last and managed to take off the glowing bracelet, as this happened the windows started to smash – the enemy were coming in.

The party took a defensive position in the corner and used the massive statue of Beory’s angel as a barrier, funnelling enemies to either side.
The peasants were mindless, charging straight forward, their eyes wandering with lust, their actions sluggish (possibly from malnutrition, but also something else) and their smell was just awful.

Raak turned into a bear and fought the right flank, on the lower flank Theren and Thormyl took turns fighting the enemy.
Tylan cast a new spell – cloud of daggers appeared next to Thormyl, basically forcing the enemies to fight Thormyl or go through the piercing cloud, as the temple wall and the statue were blocking other paths. Now that the bracelet was off the priestess, the other priestess started to drag her friend away to safety through the secret garden.
Thormyl was empowered by the bracelet, each strike hitting so hard that some of the enemies body parts would detach and scatter across the temple floor.
Tylan’s spell was especially effective as the mindless mob kept walking straight into them, only pausing once they saw too many of their comrades were shredded. A loud banging could be heard on the main doors, but they had no time to worry about that.

More and more peasants were entering the temple through the windows, some being cut up by the cloud before they could even take a step. Raak was being challenged fighting 3 of them at a time and holding his own, as they just kept coming at him in his bear form and slowly wearing him down. Tylan still concentrating on his cloud of daggers spell did support Raak with his fire spells, but these were not as effective as they could only target one at a time.

The main temple doors finally caved in and a massive abomination stood. It rushed towards Thormyl trying to overpower him with its claw like hand and its massive weight. Thormyl took a massive hit and was somehow still alive, more hits connected with his shield and armour and he thanked his god for his luck.

Thormyl and Raak had used up all of their healing spells and were badly injured.
Some of the party were still standing, but the chances of them surviving this battle were slim.

[At this point it was 2:30am in the morning and we HAD to pause]

The demon summoning begins.
Telepathically insulting a demon as it's pasing between two planes in agonising pain, is like sending a deaththreat to a gang leader and leaving your return address on the back

The party knew they had to act fast – they got off the boat and went straight into the very first tavern they could find to gather information.
They started asking around and Raak found a couple of sailors he had previously sailed with, unfortunately they were a bit drunk.
As they were asking around, bartender left and a horn was sounded. Only Raak and Theren heard the sounded and had time to only Teflon.

As the horn sounded, some of the patrons vacated the bar. Other patrons drew their weapons and attacked the party, as if knowing they were foreign. Theren moved in and distracted a magic user and a warrior, while Teflon attached the nearest enemy to him. Raak and Tylan fought off those around them and Thormyl took pot shots at a mage who was dealing some serious damage to the party.

The fight was over within a minute and the crowed outside, now larger than before started to make their way back. The party quickly searched the bar and the bodies, not taking anything from the till. They placed beer on the porch and prevented anyone coming back in. They made some copper from selling the drinks and pocketed this.

The crowed built up and eventually poured in. At this stage the bartender came back through the back door. Raak instantly jumped over the bar and threatened the barkeep, trying to find out who rang sounded the horn. Others around the bar took this as a threat and attacked. Before Tylan and Teflon could even react to the situation, Thormyl, There and Raak were down. Raak’s body was then tossed across the room – badly hurt. Tylan just managed to stabilise him before he passes to another world. Theren was in a similar situation – Teflon moving his body and then realising that he was at the brink of no longer being on this plane of existence. While this was all happening, Raak’s and Thormyl’s bodies were looted.

Tylan and Teflon took the bodies to a nearby barn and put them to rest. They contemplated the next steps. Teflon took action and went to buy some healing potions and also to meet his contact. Teflon found the supplies here were overpriced and could not afford any healing. He did however found his contact at the bar they just raided. Fortunately he was able to take shape of another person and sneak in unnoticed. He found that someone was being sacrificed later tonight and that he had been put on the list to attend this ritual. The Bloodhound guild was behind this.

They waited for the rest of the party to gain consciousness and planned their attack on the sacrificial chamber. At this stage they had a good idea who was being sacrificed – the priestess.

Tylan managed to enter with Teflon, paying with red agates and bloodstones.

The rest of the party waited outside with a new companion – Raak had charmed a dog…
They waited for the signal and then after much bribing and a combination of bluff, diplomacy and intimidation they all entered the underground chamber. 16 torches lined the walls and the 4 columns holding up the old stone sealing. A female servant had briefed them on their successful first step in becoming a bloodhound member and experiencing the sacrifice.

Three other rough looking men were with the party.

They entered the room with four large red horned humanoid like creatures who were in a cross formation around a large stone pedestal. On the pedestal an unconscious girl lay, surrounded by a circle of red agates and bloodstones. The female servant had moved to the other side of the room and had indicated for the summoning to start. The room resembled a cross, with each of the crosses end walls displaying a scroll and a magic fire burning near it.

The demons began to summon and the fires grew bigger, towards the middle, where the priestess lay.

The party quickly realised they didn’t have much time and attacked straight away. Two of the potential recruits ran for their lives straight away. The one that stayed behind, joined in the fight – taking the parties side, which surprised everyone.

The four red horned demons continued to summon, only fighting when necessary. As they continued to summon, the red gems evaporated into thin air, revealing misty portal like circle under the priestesses body. The mist, as if magic, surrounded and pierced her, causing her to moan and struggle, even though she was unconscious.

The party took down the first red horned demon, he instantly turned into ash! This slowed down the rate at which the gems were evaporating.

Unfortunately for the party the female servant also had magic up her sleeve. She was throwing red glowing magic stones at the party. Each one exploded right above their heads, causing the party to test their will or take mind damage.

Theren and Tylan went down, but the rest of the party managed to overcome the last three red horned demons and the servant.

As the summoning was interrupted, they saw that whatever was being summoned had a firm grip on the priestess. The area was tainted with magic, so Raak made a noose and pulled the priestess off the pedestal. Strange voices came from the now closing portal.

As the demon summoning spell withered and failed, Teflon telepathically communicated the following words to the demon who was in agonising pain: “Go back to hell, bitch”. The words he might live to regret.

Tired and injured, the party had for the first time defeated a demon, albeit by preventing him being summoned.

Religious investigations by Thormyl and Tylan revealed that after the sacrifice the demon would not only be raised, but he would have touched the very souls of those in the room. He would taint them in some way – possibly marking them so that they can be identified if needed. The reason for the summoning is not clear, but it was not for him to reside in these premises or possibly not even Baldur’s Gorge or Baldur’s Gate.

The party noticed that the old man that was helping at the start of the battle most likely had left mid-way through. Raak mentioned that he did see him take a hit from one of those red gems that were being thrown by the servant.

The pillow shaped box and the priestess
Demon summoning scrolls? I know we shouldn't, but should we?

Now that they had taken care of clearing the ship, they needed to find the halfling trader Mosif, who promised to organise for their items to be identified.

Mosif was located in the Silver Star, which had a higher than usual number of guards outside. As the party approached the tavern they noticed the guards were tougher than usual. Raak approached the guards and was immediately denied access. He sat on the stairs in front of the guards in protest, only to be told to move across to the other side of the square.

Bingo managed to bribe one of the guards and silver tongue his way in.
It was a big tavern and after searching he was told by a maid that Mosif is in one of the private areas. He went there and saw Mine the dragonborn bodyguard. Mine was less than helpful, but eventually got Mosif.

Mosif instructed Mine to escort Bingo to the person Crown person responsible for the task of identifying magic items.
Bingo quickly found out that only 5 items could be identified:
- Rod – damaged dwarven rod of immobility
- Crossbow and 2 other items also identified
- Black gem and white hand necklace not magic

Upon exiting the tavern and group moved towards the docks. Raak spotted something amiss; a large crowd had gathered right next to the ship they had fought it just earlier. The ship and the creatures inside were neutralised, so the party was immediately concerned and went to investigate.

Half a dozen Baldur’s Gate guards were fending off a large crowd of peasants.
The country quickly understood that a box was found by a group of local thieves (who were now swimming in the water) and the guards fighting over a pillow shaped box.

The party understood it’s potential importance and quickly tried to entice the crowd to push forward. However, this plan slightly back fired as Bingo and Raak weren’t pervasive and intimidating enough and Theren was trying to reason with the crowd…

More guards were coming to help and were almost there. The crowd resisted the extra guards, as they began pushing people away or arrest, the party acted.

They took another approach:
Fog cloud spell by Raak blocked off line of sight on the pier and Bingo sculled down a potion of water breathing.

At this point the junior captain made it past the crowd and was in the fog – giving orders to protect the box… someone else

Bingo then jumped into the fog and after an intense period searching (and bumping into BG guards) located it. It was being carried down into the water by a junior captain of the city guard, who was climbing down a ladder. Without hesitation he jumped onto the box – still being carried by the captain. The captain not anticipating this was knocked off the ladder and had let go of the box.

The heavy box was dropped into the harbour and sank to the bottom – Bingo swam down and dragged it along the bottom of the harbour, under the pier and ships. It was quite deep 40+ ft, so after getting used to the pressure – he hastily went to the secret guild harbour entrance. Upon coming up, he surprised the guards, who told them to be on his way. They were probably more embarrassed by the fact that they were caught off guard and didn’t want to be reported, but it didn’t matter.
Bingo then quickly ran into another problem – another guild member, who was friends with a person allegedly Bingo owes money to. He was interested in his pillow shaped box. The halfling quickly improvised – “Do you stop me from spreading the my father’s ashes?” That seemed to work and Bingo quickly wrapped up the box and went straight to the tavern they were staying at.

Theren on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. Locked up with the other low life, he asked to be freed as it was a mistake, or at least be told for the reason he was arrested. Being dragged and thrown into jail did not help him at all. Eventually someone came to take his name. At this point he used his knowledge of the law (bless St Cuthbert) and asked for the form to be released, as no charges have been given – basically detaining everyone illegally. He filled in the form and it was taken away. Hours later, someone came in and released him and only him, without an apology, but more importantly without a criminal record.

Raak, Tylan and Thormyl retreated to a safe place. Tylan agreed to wait for Bingo at the tavern while Raak and Thormyl would go to the Temple District and find out more about their quests.

They came to Ulaa’s of worship and were told that there was another attempt at stealing the red gems. They decided to quickly investigate and found out the thief had injured himself by springing one of the simple traps. Raak had noticed that the blood trail leads back out the window and they went outside to follow it.
Soon it became obvious that the thief was badly injured, as they were now 15 minutes and still finding blood. They then spotted a boot pointing towards the sun sticking out of bush – it was not moving.

They did their best to creep up and surprise the thief, but only to find he was already dead. He had taken a serpents poison – which instantly kills anyone who has been seriously hurt. They found red gems in his back pack and returned these to the temple.

The half elf druid and the dwarf cleric then went to visit the Beory shrine and quarters, only to find that the priestess Raak was contacted about was in possession of a questionable book. Looking through it Thormyl determined it was evil in nature.
They were also told about a priestess next door that was practicing unnatural magic – who is now locked up and cannot be seen by anyone.

Beory’s cleric had almost begged Raak to return the priestess as she was a prodigy of the church, understanding spells well above a 14 year old’s grasp and understanding. Raak was given 25gp to help him on his quest, but turned it down and said he will do his best.

The party eventually all returned to the tavern and shared their findings.
Then there was the chest. The druid meditated and cast detect magic, using that knowledge the sorcerer was able to help the rogue identify the traps and eventually disable both.

Inside they found scrolls, items of interest and 5 silver sheets. The sheets were identified by Thormyl … they were demon summoning items, with about 10-12 needed to summon one.

The party split the sheets, Theren declining to carry one. The party decided to rest and were getting ready for bed, but Raak couldn’t rest.. a sense of urgency filled him. And then, as if to help him make the right decision, a voice that he had heard before repeated and stressed that the priestess is immediate and grave danger.

He started to pack up, the rest of the party stuck by him and packed up.

They headed to the docks, as that’s the last place he was told she was spotted. Talking to one of the shady boat sellers they found further information, that a group of large bulky men (or something else) took their “daughter” on a boat to Baldur’s Gorge.

Baldur’s Gorge was a place you could only get to by sea, it was a bay surrounded by steep cliffs, where you could buy almost anything. Unfortunately it was also the most criminal place within hours travel of Baldur’s Gate. Here the law was questionable and might makes right and weak don’t survive the night.

The party bought a small boat and rowed their way to the Baldur’s Gorge. Theren and Raak making quite the headway, almost halving the time it would usually take.

Raak tied the boat and just as Thormyl climbed onto the narrow dock half a dozen sahuagin jumped out of the water – some onto the dock.

Tylan was tangled in a sahuagin net almost immediately, hampering his aim.

Raak and Thormyl tried to control the narrow dock. Raak casting spells, while Thormyl kept the sahuagin from moving any closer along the dock to the party. Raak’s poison spray seemed to be ineffective, or at least they were resisting nearly all of his attacks.

Bingo was lucky and able to hide behind the boats side or behind his team mates – constantly surprising his enemies.

Theren took on an enemy from the boat then threw his dagger at one in the water. When that didn’t work, he threw himself into the water.

After the party defeated the sahuagin, they took a quick rest of the docks.

No loot or XP

The battle in the ships hull and barnacles
Who's not a fan barnacles?

The party took advantage of still being in the city and decided to sell all their treasure.

As they were preparing to explore the ship they saw a tiefling approach them at the pier. It was Teflon, a warlock they met before.
Teflon waved passed the guards as if he knew them and made his way to the party.
The party greeted him with caution, but as they fought before at the gnomish fort, there was some respect and a pinch of friendliness towards him.

Teflon mentioned that he could sense something in the ship that felt uncomfortable to him and he was happy to help the party out.

Teflon, Raak, Thormyl and Bingo went to investigate the ship, while Theren and Tylan covered the pier and their escape route.
They found a couple of traps in the ship and noticed moving water below the deck.
The ship itself was rotting and full of barnacles. The top cabin was wrecked and Raak made a note of the fact the steering wheel and the connection to the rudder was missing altogether. They didn’t find much in the cabin, so Raak moved to the bow and jumped down into the hull.

The bottom of the boat was covered in sand with fast flowing seat water – defining logic as the hull was at least 10 feet underwater and with such a fast flow, the hull should be filled up by now. The sides of the boat were in a thick layer of barnacles, in some sections more than one feet thick.

As Raak landed he noticed a head like shape inside the barnacles, the head turned and told him to leave. Raak had tried to gain more information, but it was of no use – the head just kept telling him to leave the ship. He then spotted another head on the opposite side of the ship wall, and another one – seemed to be dotted left and right as a pattern. There was a bit of light coming from the open hatch, so the monk joined him.

At the same time Teflon made his way down the rotting, barnacle invested ladder (possibly more barnacle than wood!) in the middle of the hull. He also noticed the sand and the rushing water.

At this point the druid had enough from the barnacle faces and smacked one with his weapon, immediately causing a chain of events to occur – or just bad timing.

A mini tidal wave… a massive wave almost 5 feet high originated from the bow, taking everyone by surprise and pushing them towards the stern of the ship. As the party were pushed, faces appeared on the side of the ship that were previously barnacles – these faces then jerked forwards, attacking the party with their rusty, barnacle covered weapons and arms.

They could now see what was at the stern – massive squid like creature taking up the entire back of the hull – fully embedded into the ship, with only the mouth and the seven or so tentacles visible. The tentacles moving with the waves as if in a search for something.

Teflon found himself right in front of the beast – after barely being missed by the barnacle men. He tried to retreat, but the waves were too strong and kept him face-to-face with the beast.

At this point, Theren, Thormyl and Raak (in bear form) were fighting the locked in barnacle creatures and were making their way to the middle of the hull, where Bingo had jumped down and was taking shots at the tentacle beast. Tylan stayed in the cabin shooting through the ladder hole at the best. He wasn’t risking jumping down as he was already hurt.

Then, two giant crabs appeared to originate from behind the beast, one from beneath the beast and another from above, breaking through the deck and going straight for Tylan, exposing the top of the beast in the cabin, which a tentacle immediately took up, luckily Tylan was out of reach.

The party was also surprised by one of the barnacle faces, who instead of attacking screamed at the party. Frightening them as they went past.

After the crabs were dispatched – Tylan roasting one with his magic and the other being dispatched in the hull by Theren, the party needed to concentrate on stopping the waves, the barnacle men and the beast. At this point Bingo found an area of high sand – probably a combination of barnacles, shipwreck material and other junk. He took cover and was able to hit the creature every time.

Thormyl and Raak were systematically attacking the barnacle covered things and making their way down the hull. Theren was doing alright, but a wave pushed right against the beast, at which point it he was fighting to survive. Teflon was also in a bit of trouble, but managed to move just far enough so not to be threatened by the beast.
Tylan and Bingo continued to take their shots – continuously damaging the beast and noticing that the waves were getting smaller as they did more damage.

Theren, eventually went down and Raak (still in bear form) grabbed him, just before he was going to be consumed by the beast, as he was grappled by one of the tentacles.

The party eventually overwhelmed the beast and killed off all of the barnacle creatures. They found nothing more but barnacles and the captains sword.

The magic detected by the Raak and Teflon slowly faded away from the ship.

Loot and XP given
Bingo gained an inspiration point

The Crown and the cursed ship
Free barnacles for everyone.

The party completed their training and were now ready for their next challenge – eager to use their new abilities and spells.
They realised they were all carrying much more than they could actually physically carry and had to sell off some of their loot.
They found the magic shop closed. The seller was packing up and leaving, he was in a hurry. Raak and Tylan were the only ones who met him and they sensed urgency in him. He offered to sell them his last set of items – a scroll, a potion, his ring and his glass eye.
Tylan and Raak didn’t have enough gold, so they resorted to swapping their scroll of protection of good for the scroll and the potion.
The owner left the shop in a hurry.

As they were hanging outside the now closed shop, they saw a dozen or so guards attempt to gain entry to the shop. A guard was stationed and the guards were looking for further information about where he went. Tylan helped out the guards and pointed them in the right direction.

Raak had a different idea, using his new powers he turned into a mouse and tried to get past the guard. The guard spotted the critter and whacked it with his axe, instantly turning the mouse back in Raak – a wood elf. The guard cursed at the elf, but resisted to take another swipe at the druid.

At this point the party redistributed some of their wealth and resources – making sure no one is carrying all of their loot…

The party then went to search for an alternative vendor.

They managed to retrieve information that someone was actively buying and selling magic items. Sniffing out further information, they found out the person was station on the Crown ship in the docks.
As they only had one lead they went ahead and traveled to the docks district. Here Raak was in his zone – spotting one or two of his fellow crew members (avoiding one as the guy thinks Raak awesome him 10gp from a bet). As they came to the actual docks, they immediately noticed the three large masts towering above the building skyline. Coming closer a to the main docks, the massive barque was now fully visible, “Colossus” written in troll sized gold letters near the bow.

A group of Baldur’s gate guards were blocking entrance to the ship, behind them, a more strict and ordered line of well-armed Crown guards stood tall.

The party made every attempt to get on the ship but nothing worked.
But, then, to their luck, they saw Mosif, with his crew strolling towards the crown ship.

They intercepted him and it appeared he was in a hurry.
After a quick chat he had told them that he had almost lost a ship and its crew. It’s captain was captured, crew missing or dead. The few that managed to steer the ship back to port are shaken and in hiding. The actual boat was docked on the northern side of the docks – and after a number of his dock staff went missing trying to unload the cargo, no one will go near it. He had sent two groups to sort this problem out. Neither has returned upon entering inside.

For clearing out the ship, he is willing to attempt to organise a meeting with the person trading magic items.

The party agreed and head over to the northern docks. The guards station to prevent anyone boarding the ship said strange noises come from it at night. Ship is cursed – ran ground and is haunted.
The ship itself was a small coastal trading ship – but it was old, the wood was rotting and barnacles were everywhere – unusual for a ship to have so much.

Being careful, the party began boarding the ship. They managed to get one door open, saw nothing inside the captain’s quarters. The hull was still unexplored. Raak went to the bow and opened a storage gate.
Four half orcs jumped out. They were all covered in barnacles and some had bones sticking out.

The enemies were fierce. Almost instantly taking down the Bingo. Their attacks not only did damage, but also “persuaded” the injured target to jump into the water, Tylan found out.
At one point the Raak, whilst in bear form, stood on the very hatch on the deck that the enemies jumped out of, only to fall through it due to his weight. Not lurking around, in bear form, he immediately climbed out.
Thormyl did his best to fight and stabilise the party, especially Bingo.
Two more enemies came from the captain’s cabin, but they were also dealt with in the end.

The party have not entered the ship.
Bingo and party found the following items on the six half orcs:

6 battle axes
3 hand axes
6 Damaged chain mail
2 shields
Artisan’s tools
Grappling hook
3 torches
2 crowbars
chain (10 feet)
crossbow bolts (14)
Lots of barnacles

Xp not given.
Thormyl and Raak earned an inspiration point.

Mosif and Bingo's items.
Some say Mosif's favour is worth a small fortune, others say it is like a god's blessing, no one has heard of it being used to "get their stuff back", until now...

After finishing off their breakfast, the party noticed a bit of a scuffle outside. A couple of rough looking men were being restrained by the guards. Bingo noted that they could have been thugs from Baldur’s Gate, but couldn’t identify them.
Raak asked if everything was ok and the BG soldiers said that they were trying to get unlawful entrance to the Tavern and badly injured two of the guards, who were sleeping.
Raak, with Thomdor went and assisted the two injured soldiers.
As Raak was leaving, he unintentionally started to act “shifty” around the soldiers and mumbled something in a foreign language – it was actually a small prayer of thank you, as the soldiers may have prevented the party (and Raak) from being attacked by the thugs.
One of the soldier captains took this as a bit of an insult and honestly thought that Raak was a criminal wanted in BG! He mentioned Raak’s head is worth 50gp in BG, enough to pay his squad’s wages for a whole month. This quickly escalated and all 15 or so soldiers were about to fight the party. The soldiers had veterans in their ranks so the party hesitated to attack, plus they were meant to be on the same side. Tylan attempted to defuse the situation, acting as a highborn of BG… the captain eventually agreed on 25gp and allowing Tylan to take Raak back to BG for sentencing.

The party continued on their way to BG, persevering to catch up to the thieves who stole Bingo’s items.

After a while some of the party members could go no further.

They were not far from BG. A premium tavern was not far ahead, where the high born of BG usually gathered. Thomdor remembered that there was also another, less expensive tavern around the back of this one. They went there instead.

Talking to the barkeep, they found out that there was trouble in the tavern next door and immediately went to investigate. Two light horses stood outside, the light saddle and farmers markings indicated it had travelled far – could be from the farm. Inside they found a group of highborn kicking and interrogating two of the guards from the farm. One was beaten unconscious, the other appeared drunk and also beaten.

The party accused them of stealing from them and passing the intimidation check, dragged the conscious one outside. Raak had dunked him in the trough, semi waking the guard up. The tavern bouncer (obviously a season fighter), stood outside on the tavern balcony and watched the party interrogate the poor guard further. They got little information, except for the fact that the rest of the guards left off with the items and the tavern’s gold, wounding the tavern keeper in the process.

Nadar was left in the back tavern – too exhausted to walk or ride. Raak, Theren and Thomdor travelled at a slower pace with one horse. Tylan and Bingo rode ahead, trying to at least catch up and follow the rest of the thieves. Tylan’s riding skills were very effective, enabling him to travel with Bingo on one horse at full speed.

They reached the main Baldur’s Gate’s city gates, with no sign of the farm guards. They were almost certain they did not pass them. They asked one of the senior BG guards to keep an eye out for the farm guards and for their friends. The guard much appreciated the tip and agreed

They split up even further, Tylan searching the central district, with no luck and Bingo checking with his guild. Bingo was in luck, someone tipped him off that a large number of unique items will be sold at the auction. The items came from an unusual source and were to be sold as soon as possible, on a Sunday of all days (today).

Bingo infiltrated his own guild, being well aware of the sever repercussions should he be caught. Making his way into the action he almost lost his cover as he spotted his own items (including the crossbow), with an auction sign!
To his luck, one of the auctioneer assistants was an old accomplice of his, he sneaked through the faceless crowd at the auction and made it to his mate. He managed to delay the auction – his mate “seemed to have lost” some of the indicated starting prices and item value sheets.

Bingo sneaked back through and met up with Tylan, they waited for the party to return to make the next move.

Going to get the items from the thieves guild was out of question, for some of the party.

They decided to see Mosif first.

They were stopped at the gates. Mosif was not available, it was Sunday… But the blessing of Thomdor’s deity, they were in luck. One of the guards was a junior member of his sect. Thomdor flexed his religious muscle and managed to gain entry for himself and one other.

Mosif was delighted with the farm’s update and the party’s initiative to deal with the farm’s threats.

As a reward, Mosif offered the party a game to play… which some of the party did not take well.
He would offer a total of 10 items and each party member could only pick one item. The catch was that the items would be offered one at a time to only two members of the party, individually. Meaning that if the two it was offered to refused the item, it would be “lost”. It was bizarre, but Mosif was getting a bit of a kick from this, being a halfling and all.

The party ended up with a number of rings, +1 magic dagger, greater healing potion and 100gp.

Mosif also offered one favour the party could use at any time.
After much discussion about when to use the favour the party, the party asked Mosif to help them retrieve their items from the guild’s auction.

Mosif said he will do his best and to come back after the auction was finished. They provided a basic description of the items they had.

After doing their own things, they returned. Mosif had some of their items, plus more.

It was night and they desperately needed to rest.

XP given
No further loot

Another one joins the party, with instant regret.
The only good thing about owlbears is that the wizard who created them is probably dead

The party searched the area, they were in a hurry and Bingo was a bit distracted so his search was not as fruitful as it is usually. He found the weapons the wood elves were using, short bows and short swords. Their armour was too big, for him to don. Seeing this hurried attempt at the search, Raak did his own, turning a few of the elves over and finding a coin or two and a whole lot of arrows.

The party interrogated the captured wood elf leader. With the high insight Raak had, he spotted that something was amiss with his behaviour. The elf looked like a well training fighter and probably wouldn’t give them much information, but he kept looking around, breaking character.

After a while, the elf finally caved in and told that he was worried about a specific young elf who was in one of the trees. The party agreed to check on him and help him (if possible) if the wood elf leader would answer their questions. The wood elf guided them to a tree, not 60 ft in the forest, which had a bird, that did not seem to be afraid of them. Raak proceeded to search the tree, but was warned by the elf, not to, as the bird was actually an alarm. Setting it off would alert others.

Raak gave the go ahead for the wood elf to call off the bird, not before surrounding the elf and readying an action to attack.

The bird was called off, or it seemed it was. Inside the tree were two small potions. They applied one to the young elf, who was barely alive and took the other. The leader elf was relieved and told them that they were tasked to track the party down and use force to find out where the farms gold and items came from and if they were going to Baldur’s gate to sell them.

Confused by the fact that it was Bingo’s items and gold that was partially given to the wood elves, the wood elf leader had nothing more to say except ask for Raak’s name. The party tied him up, although at this point they were on neutral terms. The wood elf was grateful that the young elf survived and their lives were spared.

The party continued forth, even though Raak could no longer tell how far behind the travelling horsemen they were. Theren was only doing slightly better at tracking, confirming that indeed there had been horse travel in the direction of travel in the past week. Helpful…

Even though it was now coming to the second day of travelling without rest, the party pushed on. Surprisingly no one was exhausted from the travel.

They spotted a lone figure up ahead. With caution they closed the distance, abstaining from ambushing the target from the forest.

The lone figure was a well armoured dwarf, covered in blood with and a blooded cloth banner of the farm on his shield. He seemed weary and tired, but not hostile.

After a winded and a bit of an awkward conversation he said that was looking Nodor, a dragonborn and his party. He was sent by Mosif, to retrieve the party safely from the farm.
Although initially suspicious, the party (or majority) trusted his word and story.

The dwarf also explained that he was ambushed twice on his travels, the second time only barely surviving, as lightly armed riders almost trampled him. He managed to hit a couple and almost dismounted one. He had dropped a few of the items, an arrow, Bingo’s +1 arrow. There were five to ten riders, he wasn’t sure as it all happened so quickly and he was knocked out.

The party continued forth, not an hour went by and they heard a strange whistling sound… they couldn’t quite identify it, until it was too late. An owlbear and two hobgolbins came springing out of the bushes and undergrowth. Theren’s monk instincts kicked in and he was able to sense the attack. Tylan and the dwarf identified the screech – the screech just before the owlbear attacks its prey. Tylan shouting a single word to dragonborn, alerting him to the imminent danger, leaving only Raak to be flatfooted.

The battle was fierce, Nadar and Theren taken on a hobgoblin each, with Tylan providing cover fire with fiery spells. The dwarf went toe-to-toe with the massive beast, his armour and shield providing just enough protection each time for the blow not to be fatal. Unfortunately the owlbear, towering over 10 feet, also had a beak attack. Which hit the dwarf every time and every time the dwarf would use his magic and heal himself, almost to full health. The party saw this feat and the fact these were much more powerful than the druid healing spells.

Nadar breathing dragon breath across the one of the hobgolins and owlbear, doing massive damage. Tylan finishing off the other hobgoblin with his magic. The party was now concentrating on the owlbear, with the dwarf cleric still taking majority of the hits, his shield now punctured by the claws and well worn. The party had now weakened the beast, but it had one more trick up its sleeve (or fur/feathers?), it’s screech. It moved into position and screeched a deafening sound, but the entire party managed to resist this mind attack.
Tylan finished off the ownbear with his firebolt spell and the party searched the remains.

The owlbear was wearing a harness, strange the druid thought. It must have been raised by the hobgoblins. The druid also detected a magic aura coming from the creature. Tylan confirmed that apparently they were created by a wizard – who probably died shortly after. The dragonborn didn’t want to take any chance, and sliced off the head, and Raak noted the magic aura started to dissipate. Hobgoblins didn’t have much with them, the party looted what they could.

The party was on a mission and ignored/avoided any further confrontations.

Coming up on the main road, the party saw a massive caravan with Baldur’s Gate guards traveling towards the north tower, on the east coast. Tylan strolled up to find further information, but was almost killed by the horses. The caravan did not stop.

The party pushed forward, now going two days without rest. Tylan’s and Raak’s bodies could no longer continue and needed to rest. Fortunately the were now on the main road and a tavern was not far from them.

They stopped for the night at the tavern, but not before impressing the owner and getting a round of free drinks. They also learned that the horsemen were only 12 hours or so ahead of them. They were two days from Baldur’s Gate.

The party wakes up the next day.

Dwarf may need his shield repaired from the access damage in the future. Currently shield functioning as normal. Try avoiding further battles with large beasts.
XP has already been given out.

Town celebrates at Bingo's expense
Bingo's near death experience and the wood elf spies.

Waiting patiently in the barn the party wanted to get a better view of the windmill entrance. They had the cover of the night, with the young moon revealing nothing but the outline of the buildings.

While the party rested, Bingo the rogue and Raak the druid decided to move a bit closer to the windmill to see if they can get any further information. Sneaking outside the barn, Raak had bumped into some of the livestock. The cows were frightened and started to move around. A few of the cows were frightened enough to run away, in the direction of the main village. The guards stationed near by light up their torches and started to search around for the source that spooked the distraught animals.

Bingo and Raak retreated back to the barn and waited patiently for the wandering torches to return to their positions.

After all had settled, they made a second attempt.
This time, they made it just as far, but again Raak had spooked the cattle. This time it was much worse. He had tripped and stumbled right into one of the cows, setting the whole heard off. Raak had retreated back into the barn, while Bingo had hidden himself in the ruins nearby.

Although the guards were out for a much longer time, the commotion had settled eventually with some of the cattle returning to their resting place. Bingo decided to make a solo attempt at gathering further information about the windmill and the guards.

He sneaked all the way up to the windmill and listened in to the guards.
The guards were playing a common dice game, gambling away their hard earned copper pieces. One of the guards sounded a bit intoxicated.

Bingo took this opportunity to get some further intel and pretended to be drunk himself and asking to take part in the game.
Coming out into the torch light, stumbling and slurring his words, he had asked to play the dice game. The guards saw this as an opportunity and of course let him play. The stakes were raised and soon they were playing for the sum equating to the guard’s wages.

At this point Bingo now owed the guards 20 silver pieces and tried to flee by dropping 1000 ball bearings and getting away as fast as possible.
Unfortunately for Bingo the guards saw straight through his plan and as he pulled out the ball bearing the guards were already on alert and attacked.

The drunk guard stumbled a bit and missed Bingo, but the other two pierced his armour and as Bingo turned to run a final hit knocked him unconscious. As his lifeless body lay there, the guards looted all they could. The wounds were so grave, that someone could have mistaken him to be dead.

In the barn the party waited patiently for Bingo’s return… and waited…
The druid woke everyone up and the party didn’t get their much needed sleep. They went to check the windmill as a group.

They entered the windmill, which to their surprise wasn’t guarded and found Bingo’s body. The druid tended to Bingo’s wounds. None of Bingo’s possessions could be found near him. The door leading to the top of the windmill was locked. Magical protection spells were guarding the door. As the party tried to enter, flames ripped out of the door, scorching the walls and majority of the party. The trap could not be disabled and the party left.

As they were leaving they could hear voices and music coming from the town. They decided to investigate.

The party found out that the guards had intercepted a large delivery from Baldur’s Gate – “an interim payment, while the rest of the gold owed is finalized”

Some of the goods that were intercepted by these guards were traded with the Wood elves – in the middle of the night. While some were put on the wagon with their best soldiers and sent to Baldur’s Gate to be traded.

The party saw one of the guards in the tavern. The tavern was full – beer was flowing, free in fact! The local bard was playing and the town was celebrating. Raak was approached by 4 wood elves, who were drinking water and were under a disguise. They told him to leave as they were watching the place. After leaving the tavern to search for some horses, Raak, Tylan and Theren were intercepted by a group of wood elves who were standing just outside of the town’s light. They threatened to attack, but the party managed to evade the encounter and return to the main town area.

In the meantime, Bingo and Nadar had spotted that the guard that attacked Bingo earlier on, was already drunk and had one of Bingo’s items on him. The royal nose ring that they found in the giant’s cave. Nadar and Bingo had a plan to retrieve this item.

While Nadar came to the bar and started making a scene by smashing the free beers, apparently they were terrible.
Bingo had climbed on the bar and acrobatically and stealthily made his way towards the nose ring guard. Unfortunately, his acrobatics had attracted unwanted attention and some of the crowed was cheering him on.

Seeing this, Nadar grabbed more mugs and smashed them onto the floor, cursing and intimidating those around him.
Bingo saw the opportunity and while congratulating the guard, with one flawless action, took the ring off and made his way out of the tavern. Raak followed, but not before he unintentionally made friends with some of the other patrons.

The party gathered together and now avoiding the wood elves, decided to leave the town and return back to Baldur’s Gate.

They hadn’t traveled far, when they were ambushed by a group of wood elves.
The wood elves were well hidden, but one of the elves had slipped and injured himself with a bow, giving away his position.
The party defeated the elves and kept one of them alive – ready to interrogate him.

XP and loot to be given out next session.
Raak has been given an inspiration point for deceiving the elves in the tavern and avoiding an encounter with wood elves outside the tavern.
Nadar and Bingo receive an inspiration point for retrieving the royal nose ring.

The giant's cave and the farm encounter
Rats, infact, are highly attracted to alchemist's fire.

Searched bodies outside
Checked inside – 3 wounded men, large fire, giant area
Found loot
Cold boots, hand cross bow, rod, scrolls, gems and other items.
Royal Baldur’s Gate jewellery found – dragonborn fighter
Moved the fire – secret room
Illusion – library
Set on fire, abandoned living area of someone important – rugs etc.
Book about him trying to integrate and control the giants – not much success and failure towards the end.
Five more bandits returned and the party chased them.

Search bandits
Sleep in cave
Rats! One finds its way into Bingo’s bag. Raak sits patiently while it eats everything.
Eats alchemist’s fire – burning items
Rats biting 3 tied up prisoners
Set up a fire and patrol
Day comes – leave cave
Raak and Theren return to untie the prisoners, 1 probably won’t make it through the night.
Pass BG soldiers

Second session:
Arrive at the farm.
Archers shoot arrows to prevent any further progress.
Met up with the “leader”, who demanded 4000 gold coins to restart production of the tannery and butchers.
Explained that the wood elves have been invading their farm, so they have to be really protective. Wood elves arrived not a month ago and took over the east forest mountain range. The west mountain side is rocky.
Wood elves were stealing their cows and basically a constant threat.
Some of the archers were wood elves.
Further investigation revealed that the wood elf archers were wood elves that didn’t want to be part of the wood elf culture and constantly running away from a “threat”.

Party then traveled to the mountain edge, traveling up a path. The wood elves followed the party and then a shaman came out and decided that he will spare the party’s lives.
After a dangerous moment, the adventurers found out the wood elves didn’t want the cows and had traded in the past with the humans – bows for cows. Now the cows are just wandering into the woodland and since everything in the woodlands is theirs, so are the cows.
The elves are fleeing a great danger that has destroyed their lands.
The “giants” were also indirectly being “used” by the elves to prevent help from Baldur’s Gate – “They had their purpose” said the shaman
Shaman turned into a crow and flew away, releasing the party.

The leader of the farm also mentioned that mercenaries have been paid to come within a fortnight to “deal” with the elven threat. He has paid them in gold up front. But where was this gold from?

Later the party found that the humans had no control over the wandering cows and the cows could basically wandering anywhere.
Found a windmill that was spinning quite quickly… Nadar’s and Bingo’s investigation revealed it was used to grind gems for someone. That someone was paying handsomely for the process.
The cows were forced (sometimes to death) to operate the windmill, by running around in circles in a chamber below the building.
The party decided to wait in a barn nearby until the next night to find out more about the said person.


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