Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

Pitchfork and the four arm battle.
Bandits, what bandits? Oh, you mean GIANTS?!

Having defeated the spell caster and the zombies, Bingo and the party searched the area.
Bingo climbed up the tree, which was almost entirely surrounded by a pond and started searching the casters body, which was resting on a makeshift platform, 20 ft up the tree.
Unfortunately as he moved the body to gain better access to the pockets, he shifted the weight and the platform cracked, sending both Bingo and the body into the muddy pool below.

The party scrambled to retrieve any of the fallen objects.
The druid noticed runes inscribed into the tree, enhancing performance of spells cast from the platform.

They searched the rest of the area and found that one of the zombies was actually Johan, still carrying his father’s letter.

A bit weakened from the fight, the party returned to Pitchfork and returned the note to Johan’s father. He did not take it well and claimed they should have captured zombified Johan so that he could still be part of the community, much like Martin. Martin was a zombie. Raised high above the ground on a long pitchfork, he hung behind a building. Apparently he was important to the community and was still there “in spirit”. They would feed him old meat and other corpses… apparently he like female flesh the most.

While the druid was having none of this, Tylan raised the halfling rogue so they could quickly search Martin, before Raak set fire to him. Unfortunately Bingo didn’t anticipate for Martin to be so “lively” and was bitten in the neck by the zombie. He resisted the poison.

Bingo then took on a persona of being possessed by Martin. To everyone’s surprise, the villagers believed him – except for Johan’s father, who thought it was weird and left.

Bingo, aka Martin then negotiated for the villagers to let them stay the night and being rewarded with a Inspiration point, having been just about kicked out of the village a moment ago.

They slept well, with guards stationed outside their house. The next day Martin’s widow or now wife came over to see her new husband. Bingo “Martin” said that he’s just going to travel to the next town and will be back later. He was given his favourite pitchfork to take with him – which he struggled to carry.

The party carried on down the North road and passed a broken caravan. They did not stop to help.

They then reached the last guard tower – a sign of the Baldur’s Gate influential boundary. Here a dozen or so Baldur’s Gate soldiers were training. As the party got closer they noticed that the soldiers were worn out and most had visible injuries.

They tried to get more information, but were brushed off and were simply warned of the three “bandits” out there that were very powerful.
Nadar challenged what appeared to the guard representative to a duel, after being insulted at their lack of skill and a comment about going to their own grave.

The challenge was accepted and the duel was a close one, each fighter just missing the other. However, Nadar managed to land a powerful blow, stopping just before it did any serious damage. With a single hit the fight was over. The guard then told Nadar that the bandits were powerful and not far from the tower 3 of the 6 were left. He also whispered something else in Nadar’s ear, which no one else heard.

Travelling further down the road they spotted a dragonborn warrior lying on the road, who was poisoned. At a closer look he was lying in a pull of blood, not his own. Tightly holding a part of a head – squashed by his armour.
The party helped him out and they agreed to fight the bandits together. Thanks to the druids and monks tracking skill, they followed the blood trail through the forest.

As the party approached the site, they noticed bare traps as well as a large cave in a hill.
They made some noise to lure out the bandits so they could be ambushed, however, they misjudged.
“Bandits” were actually giants with 4 arms – Goro and Gorita + 5 medium sized thugs coming from the cave.
Goro and Goritta (who was injured) broke out of the hill’s wall – causing fear and panic within the party. Goro was a giant, a spear in his two left hands and a sword and shield in his right. Goritta was missing her left arms and the stumps were bandaged up. She held two battleaxes in her right hands.
Upon seeing these giant monstrosities break out of the hill’s face, fear spread across the entire party – some failing both of their saves. Tylan contributed to a significant amount of damage to Goro, tapping into his wild magic to increase his concentration and spell precision.
After the druid cast faerie fire spell on Goritta and the last bandits (monk making the save vs druids spell for the nth time!) the monk went down, but was immediately brought back but druids healing magic.
They defeated all, with the dragonborn warrior falling just before the fight ended. He definitely bore the brunt of hits from Goritta. The dragonborn warrior stabilised, without any help from the party.

The party stood in a giant pool of blood, some of their own, but majority of their enemies’. Tired, hurt, but eager to see what their heroic deeds have brought them.

Loot and XP to be given out at the next session.
Party reminder – choose your gods and flesh out background.
Bonus XP for Bingo RP (Martin)
Bonus XP for Raak for preventing an ally taking damage (faerie fire)

Hands up, corpses approaching.
Can the party save Johan, or is it too late?

Nadar was running late. He was trying to find if there was anyone in Baldurs Gate who could help him increase his natural fighting ability, but after a lengthy search, spanning a number of hours he found someone to help him out. After hours of waiting he was told that the person wont be available for the next few days.

This meant he was a day behind the party.

He hurried out of Baldurs Gate and not an hour into his journey he saw a kobold escape from a prison cart, which was heading back into Balduers Gate. His hatred for these foul creatures helped him act quickly. It appeared the kobold got himself free with a dagger and jumped off the cart, landing flat on his face in the mud. Nadar strolled up to the kobold and finished him off in one hit.

He then and managed to hitch a ride on a cart heading up north.

Arriving in a small town, he thought he saw the party in the tavern, but was unable to see them again or gain access into the tavern as it was so packed.

The next day he found that the party left just before he got there in the morning. Continuing with the cart they came to a fork in the road, fortunately he managed to spot what appeared to be his friends just over a hill down a forgotten and questionable path. He said his goodbyes to the cart driver and hastily made his way to his friends.

Just before he caught up the party was ambushed. Hands attached to dark tree roots (the roots were wrapped around the bones of the hand) sprang from the ground, trying to grapple and bring the party members to the foul floor.
Then at the same time, three zombies sprang from the ground, closing in on the party. They were fortunate that the path was a bit overgrown, which meant the zombies were not able to attack straight away, as they were slowed a bit. The corpses themselves had makeshift armour and limbs. Some having their limbs replaced with logs and bark stitched onto them for protection.

After being hit by a corpse Theren was surrounded by two corpses and concentrated on his defenses for the rest of the battle – which seemed to last a lifetime.

Tylan was tripped by the arm and caught some of the stench coming from the ground, making him feel nautilus. He fired off his spells, at times hitting Theren with his colour spray spell, which seemed in a strange way to work out as he also hit one of the zombies.

Nadar rushed up to the party and hacked at the corpses, even using his breath to make sure they take damage. Unlike most battles, he was really making an impact, hitting almost very single time with his sword, which gave of a more intense flash of light on each hit.

Bingo also suffered the effects of being tripped face first into the foul ground and took a while to recover.

Raak found that his druid spells were ineffective against these creatures and resorted to using his scimitar.

The party didn’t find much, in the corpses, only a single gold coin. They inspected the foul oak tree, but found nothing useful either.

They took a short rest to recovered their wounds and druid treated the rogue and the sorcerer with the healers kit. Moving on they found a small village, which appeared to barricaded themselves in from the outside world. They talked with the villages (who were at the start hostile) and they said that they have been attacked by “hands” and corpses for the past month or two.

The party saw that they were in dire need of resources and gave them rations and torches, at which stage the villagers confessed that two months ago Johan, their best fighter found an elf. The elf promised to protect the village from the traders, but at a price of Johan’s help and loyalty. They haven’t seen Johan or any traders ever since.

The party continued on north and an hour or two into their journey the halfling spotted a a similar oak tree, except this one was even darker than the one before and had a grey mist of some sort surrounding the middle of it. A small pond surrounded the tree, which also gave off steam of some sort. He also realised that not 30ft back from them was another oak like tree which was also slightly darkened. He spotted a corpse with a pickaxe, hacking at a rock nearby.

Before he could warn the party,corpses strung from the pond and moved forward. Raak and Nadar acted quickly – attacking the hands that failed to hold them.

Then something else happened, the an elf appeared out of the mist in the oak tree and fired a barrage of spells at the party, doing significant damage. At this point the sorcerer went down.

The party then saw another corpse – much thinner than the rest move towards them.

The rogue took down the elf, while the party dispatched the corpses. Unfortunately, Tylan couldn’t hold on much longer and was at the brink of death. The druid was also taken down by one of the last corpses.

Theren rushed to check on Tylan, who was by all means dead at this stage, even trying to pour a healing potion down his throat did not help.

Bingo administered a potion to Raak and hurried him to help Theren with Tylan.
Raak arrived seconds after the potion was poured and used the healers kit to bring him back to life, it didn’t work this time [Raak 15+ 5] giving Tylan another death roll, but at a higher DC, Tylan failed the roll. Raak wasn’t giving up and tried again [25 + 5 = 30!, Tylan this time rolling 16 on the death roll. Stabilizing but still unconscious.

[Tylan’s near death results in him feeling weak and in a bit of a disbelief stage due to the grey area between live and death he had escaped from- disadvantage on random checks for a week and -2 Constitution for a week.]

Raak receives a Inspiration point for his bravery and quick thinking (and luck!).

The party found a small stone cave near the pond. The walls were lined with leather. A leather-working bench and a number of leather rolls are at the back of the cave, all recently used. However, no finished or partially finished items are to be found.

Raak – silver ring and scroll of Fog Cloud and scroll of Poison Spray [Arcana passed]
Tylan – scroll Resistance, Poison Spray and scroll Ray of Sickness [Arcana passed]
Nadar – potion of false life, 32 silver and 82 copper.
Theren – quarterstaff, 22 copper and a scroll [Arcana failed]
Bingo – black coloured gem [Nature check failed], 2 poison viles and a medium Courtier’s Outfit

Checks were done by trained characters first.

They also identified that the last corpse as Johan.

The rest of the items found (including a closer look at the elf in the tree!) and XP will be revealed at the next session.

Trading up and the Golden Scrol
Time to sell all the loot and buy new equipment!

The party had some free breakfast at the tavern and quickly realised that their party’s halfing was carrying too much (3 back packs).

The a party then headed to the old barrel making warehouse, where they were meant to meet up with some in regards to the gold scroll.
Down an alley they saw a tall figure around a fire, an armored dragonborn guarding the door. Hi name was Mine.

After a quick chat they were let in.

Inside the warehouse it was dark, but small torches were put around the main area – specifically around the stage and the seating area in front of it, leaving much of the walls and the back of the warehouse unlit.

There was an obvious speaker on stage and behind him, on stage three other characters and their body guards. One was a halfling “Mosif”, who was the head of the trade guild and had his contacts in most of the trade. Another one was a large Orc and the third was obstructed by shadows.

Other groups that were present on the floor were a group of tieflings, humans, a late group of dwarves and a group lead by a winged elf (who was referred to in a very formal manner)

They were told that there has been some news coming from the outskirts of Baldurs Gate – the news was mostly bad – bandits, kidnappings, kobolts and more recently a group of wild elves had attached a guard post up north.

After being given a choice of missions (ranging from going into a mine to investigating why the has been no news from the cattle farms) the party chose to investigate the cattle farms in the north.

They then talked with Mosif, who did not specify their reward, just said it would be worth it. His guard then gave them a sack containing healing pints and even magic ammunition!!!

The party left the warehouse and sold all of the unwanted loot.

The party stopped at a small town, which was full of soldiers, including some from Baldur’s Gate.

All taverns were booked out and unless they were to pay 10gp per night per person, there was nowhere to stay. They were declined entry to what appeared to be the town’s main tavern, as it was full.
They found a neglected stable and setup for the night there. The sorcerer sharing his tent with the halfling rogue.

As they had managed to find a place to stay for the night so quickly, they decided to give the town another check.

Although initially they were declined entry to the tavern – it was already extremely full, Theren managed to have a chat to the tough bouncer outside and they were eventually let in.

There were a few guards stationed inside the tavern – which was very unusual.
After a few pints and small talk they left the tavern.

The next day they headed north, the road was quite muddy but at least it wasn’t raining. They were passed by a number of trade carts, unfortunately no one gave them a ride.

A wagon with a number of wounded Baldur’s gate soldiers was driving in the opposite direction. It was not in an ideal condition and one of the wheels had been patched up recently.
While the rest of the party carried on, Tylan hitched a ride on the waggon and asked the wounded what happened.
At first they were a bit hesitant, but the one soldier that appear to be the healthiest and was looking after the wounded told Tylan that elves had ambushed their squad and that a reinforced guard tower five moons horse travel north had been overrun and they had not heard anything back. It is likely that it is under siege and has been so for almost a fortnight.

They continued on and hit a fork in the road. The main road would continue towards the tower (the tower indicates the end of Baldur’s Gate authoritarian control). The other road, was deserted and appeared to have been hardly used recently, but headed directly to the farms. The party chose the direct route as they were going by foot and wanted to get there asap, although not officially pushed for time.

The path was not a cart could use, as many a time they had to climb over obstacles, including rocks and mud hills.
A small mudslide caught a few of them off-guard, but that did only minor damage.

Not two hours had gone by and they were attacked by a two boars and a boar rider.
He was tough, but the party was quite lucky to reposition themselves in time and take him down before he had the chance to do massive damage, even though the druid got hit and fell. He had a spear and badly missed the sorcerer with it.

The party stripped him of his armour and other loot, tide him up and left him to recover on the road.

They traveled further, and just before camp they found [Encounter roll (Nadar) 2 + 2 = 4].
TBC in the next session.

Kobold camp, number five
Returning Razorbeard's pearl

As the party set off to the kobold camp, Bingo voiced his concern at the fact that Gonin was basically defenseless, especially should the gnomes be influenced by anyone else. The halfling volunteered to stay back with the gnomes and act as back up should anything go wrong in the mission.

The rest set forth down the path through the forest and had shortly reached the top of a hill. The druid assessed the situation and realized the path was going to take them around another hill. There was an opportunity here to cut through the forest and avoid any further kobolds on the road. They were pressed for time so Raak and Theren successfully guided the party through the forest.

The party was close enough to hear the kobolds. Tylan and Nadar could pick up the two of the kobolds were fighting over arrows, one had 32 while the other only 7. Theren, the elf monk decided to sneak up on the kobolds and get a better understanding of their numbers and equipment. Unfortunately he forgot about the twigs, which littered the area he was sneaking through. Not once, but twice he snapped a dry twig, alerting the kobolds.

He retreated back down hill to the party, attempting to hide behind a tree and Nadar, the dragonborn.

The kobold archer came over the lip of the hill and immediately spotted Theren, launching an arrow straight into his visible leg.

The party then immediately engaged the three kobolds. The fighter was on form this time and finished off two kobolds with his powerful axe swings. Tylan scorched a kobold with his spells, while the druid poisoned them with his. The monk fell, disadvantaged from the first kobold arrow.

The party was victorious and the druid applied a healing potion to the monk, who got back on his feet. As they came closer to the camp, they set of a trap, that was ineffective. They spotted another one not far from where they were and avoided it.

Next to the camp fire, they found a small wooden casket. It didn’t have any specific markings, but was bound in metal, with a large padlock on the side.

The party used force to open the casket and after losing a few of their weapons to the lock, it was opened. Inside a longsword lay. A gentle yellow glow filled the casket, originating from the longsword. It was a masterpiece. The dragonborn was chosen to carry it.

Another small box lay nearby. The party managed to pry it open, again losing a few pieces of equipment in the process, but Raak the druid, managed to mitigate the loss by using his mending spell.

The small box contained a key, most likely for the casket. Silver was also stored inside the box. The party grabbed all of the valuables and set off back through the forest.

The picked up Bingo from Gonin and set back. They passed a small group of wary soldiers, who were on their way to apparently “free the gnomes”.

Getting back to Baldur’s gate just after the sunset. They had to enter the docks district, known for it’s night time troubles. The safest way was to take a small boat, but at this time of night it would be too expensive and out of question.

The took the side streets and encountered two thugs who wanted 5gp. While the druid knew something was up, because they had glowing items on them. The dragonborn drew his sword and attacked, carelessly ignoring the footsteps on the rooftops. They quickly took out one of the thugs, his armour and clothing disappeared into thin air after each hit, while the other managed to escape into the side streets, possibly using spells to put the party off from following.

The party safely returned to the tavern, where they exchanged the pearl for the promised silver. Even managed to get free beer and bedding.

They slept well and the Nadar felt healthier than ever. [Leveled up to level 2 – needs 2 days of training before gaining full level 2 fighter powers].
The party woke up and had no interruptions. Now they had to go an meet at the old barrel warehouse.

Disaptched the prince and on their way
To camp number five.

The adventurers used the healing potions they found in the library to heal themselves.
As they were getting ready to go, Raak found a gnomish child that was clutching a scroll. After some bartering with the child, the party uncovered another clue to the camps.

With two floors filled with kobolds ahead of them, Bingo sneaked ahead, knowing that they were pressed for time.

They skipped the floor above them, as it appeared to be empty.
On the roof top a handful of kobold mages, archers and a well dressed gnome stood. They were all busy attacking things below, leaning over the gnome size parapets and shouting orders. Bingo managed to take two out before the battle began.

The gnome watched as the kobolds were slain one by one. The kobold in command had an electric mace that was doing a bit of damage to the party.

Once the kobolds were cleared (and this took a while…) The gnomes below demanded evidence that their “prince” was ok and that the kobolds were indeed dead!

The Tylan used his silver tongue to talk some sense into the gnome crowed, and they listened… to an extent. Nadar decided to be a bit less traditional and threatened the poor gnomes, fortunately he wasn’t feeling well and his voice was strained, so the message was a bit mixed and most likely misunderstood by the gnomes.

With the elders missing, some of the gnomes were easily persuaded by the gnome prince, but the fact that Nadar had dropped him from the second story and Raak had poised him, meant the party could continue forth on their adventure knowing no more poisonous thoughts were floating within this young gnomish community.

They looted what they could, but remembered that unfortunately Nadar had thrown off majority of the bodies and the gnomes did the looting, including the magical mace.

With the additional information the party set forth to camp 5, where they predict to see the hostages, with just enough time to return to Baldur’s gate later tonight… that is, if all goes to plan.

Assault on Fort Gonin and the cold blooded kobolds
Soo many kobolds, so many dead...

Having rested after the dungeon encounter with the spider, the party decided to push forth.

Not 15 minutes into their travels in the underground tunnels, they stumbled across two kobolds. One of the kobolds immediately ran for their life, while the other, a mage kobold, struck his sun rods against each other to create a load *clap" sound, which depleted the sunrods significantly. The kobold mage then also attempted to retreat down the straight tunnel.

The party gave chase – unfortunately Theren and Bingo were at the back of the party and were flatfooted, while the rest acted immediately. Tylan, the half elf sorcerer, moved forward and released a barrage of magic missiles, quickly taking down the lightly armed kobold. However, the other kobold, a mage, shrug off the damage and was still hastily retreating.

The druid and the dragonborn fighter were catching up, but suddently, traps! As the ran past a small alcove in the tunnel, two small axes barely missing both, followed up with another two, that seemed to have misfired and landed safely at their feet.

It appeared is the mage was almost out of reach, when the Raak the druid caught up with him and managed to punch him out with his bare hands, before he could reach his allies. The party knew that the other kobolds have been warned and retreated back, taking the kobold bodies with them.

The alcove area where the traps were set off provided a small alcove. Bingo the halfling rogue searched the area and found two further active axe traps and a hidden door, which was also trapped. He disarmed the door and after Tylan tried to unsusscessfully open the stuck door, Nadar almost took it off it’s hinges. Inside were 6 axe traps. Bingo’s eyes watered with joy.

They contemplated setting the traps up, but Theren and Raak warned the party that two more kobolds were on their way. Bingo quickly scattered his ball bearings and the party prepared to ambush the two casually walking kobolds.

As the kobolds approached with their torches out, they noticed a light coming from the party. Tylan hadn’t turned dimmed the larntern. One of the kolbolts said, “something is up” in draconic and Tylan quickly understood they were spotted and turned off the light.

While one kobold turn and started to walk away, the party quickly reacted. Rogue, now in pitch black, sneaked attacked the standing kobold. He fell where he stood without making no more sound than a sigh. However, the ball bearings that were meant to help the allies were now hindering them. A faux pas on the halflings side. Each party member had to step over them carefully, so not to make any more noise or sound.

Theren was the only one close enough to the last kobold and threw one of his daggers, missing the kobold and alerting him of his presence.

The kobold made a dash for it. Tylan stepped in and scorched the kobold with his Fire bolt cantrip. Another disaster averted by quick reactions.

The rogue set the traps and everyone instantly felt they were much safer, than before.
The party then waited for more kobolds… and waited … and waited long enough for the 100’s of scattered ball bearings to be collected up.

Bingo was then given the task of scouting the hallway up ahead. As he moved closer to the end of the tunnel, warmth and flickering light surrounded him. He could now see the 10ft corridor in which they have been battling had opened up into a room with a domed sealing.

He instantly spotted the single kobold standing behind some barricades. Although Bingo was almost in plain sight, his small body and stealth skills kept him safe. He drew a dagger and tried to hit the kobold in his throat. He hit the barricades and the kobold instantly gave chase. Bingo ran for his life, but the kobold did not slow down. The kobold was running with a small axe in one hand and a small torch in the other, inevitably helping Bingo see the way ahead of him.

Bingo danced around the set traps, making sure not set them off. However, the kobold did not take notice of the halfling’s nimble body moving left and right avoiding specific areas on the floor. Why would he? His dinner was right in front of him!

Before the rest of the party could properly make out the kobold he was slain by the very traps he was tasked to look after.

The party entered the domed room – they were now inside the Gonin fort, well underneath it.

A search of the surrounding area did not prove to be bountiful. Two doors led out of the room. The first, well worn, with a clearly used path and the second, barred from the side they were on. Why is it locked? The druid moved towards the barred door and listened – he could hear light movement, hissing coming from the other side of the door and a rummbling coming from the dragonborn’s backpack. The Nadar’s spidy stirred as his enemies were close again. Spiders were on the other side and the party was happy to leave it that way.

Nadar opened the other door and moved up the enclosed spiral stairs, quietly.
At the top of the stairs, the rogue peaked around the corner – Sleeping kobolds! With one in robes on a second floor balcony in this enclosed two level room. Small glimpses of light made their way through the blocked windows of the large semi rectangular room, measuring about 60 by 40ft, they were definitely inside the fort now.

He spotted that the awake kobold was moving about and was currently looking away. He snuck up to the stairs leading to the balcony and snuck up on the kobold, killing him instantly and making sure he made no sound as he died in Bingo’s hands.

Bingo then climbed down and coup de graced the rest of the kobolds, while they all slept (possibly of eating humanoids of his size).

The party found an unspoiled food container and had a bit to quickly eat before moving up, staying quite, always quite, except for the dragonborn, who kept slapping the walls with his tale.

On the next level another large room, of about the same size. This one had books, lots of book, a library that had bookshelves reaching 25+ ft! The rogue spotted a kobold hiding in one the massive book shelves and instinctively attacked him. The kobold had no chance and died, falling out of the bookshelf, onto the other side.

The party heard more movement coming from the other side of the book shelf and moved in. The rogue first saw the kobold, setting things on fire, the party could now smell of burned paper in the air. Bingo surprised the mage kobold and killed it in one hit. The party tried to save the maps, books and scrolls that were set on fire.
Theren, Bingo and Tylan managed to save what looked to be most important, a scroll, a map and a book. Instantly they spotted that another scroll was at the end of the table, at the edge of the balcony and could only be saved if someone could jump from below.

Raak didn’t hesitate and jumped as far as he could, grabbing the scroll, but with his keen eyes he spotted yet another scroll, likely to catch fire in the next few seconds. He relayed this information to his dragonborn ally. Nadar sprinted with dragon like speed, using his tail to get extra height, grabbing the last scroll and bringing it to safety.

With their efforts, the kobold managed to only burn one of the books, one scroll and one of the maps. 5 out of 8, ain’t too bad.

The rogue searched the room while the party examined the documents.
Six kobold camps were located about an hour away from Gonin fort, each with a distinct purpose. It appeared that this was just one of the forts that was on a “hit” list of someone very powerful. They had some limited and scattered information about the 6 camps.

Some contained magic items, other gold and some even gnome hostages.

The halfling found a box, that was hidden in the books, near the first kobold. The druid identified them as potions of healing and some of the party drank them to heal up.

Further, the rogue found a map on the back of the very same kobold that fell from the book case. It indicated the following:

One of the first two camps had a magic dagger, the 2nd or 3rd had a magic short sword, the 4th or 5th had a magic long sword and the 5th or the 6th had a magic great sword.

The rogue also found Razerbeard’s pearl, the quest is almost complete, they just needed to return it to Baldur’s Gate, by sunrise.
The party gathered further important information from the map (containing limited information on troop movement) the book (containing a limited catalog of items taken) and scrolls – (relating to orders of key kobold missions and other loot).

Because some of these were in draconic and written quite badly, using various acronyms or symbols rather than words, it was difficult to decipher the information. But the party managed to gather the following information about the six camps:

Camps 1,2 or 3 contain 6 kobolds as the guard, which is deemed as the most guarded
Camps 4,5 or 6 have only 3 kobolds as guards, the least guarded.
Camps 4,5 or 6 have a fearsome half-orc warrior guarding the site
Camps 2-6 contain all of the kobold mages and also all of the hostages
Camp 4 contains majority of the gold

The camps are due for reinforcements within hours and to leave in their separate ways after, possibly resupplying larger camps with weapons, magic and food. Although the camps More information was needed.

Now the party had a decision to make, should they safely return back to Baldur’s Gate or take the chance and attack one of the camps? Should the split up and attack multiple camps? Which camps?

However, the party had yet not even finished clearing the fort of kobolds, two more levels lay above them, probably infested with the critters. How long would that take?

The campaign so far...
And so it begins...

In order:

Session 1
1) Meeting on the Leaky Cask (tavern inside a trading ship)
2) Confrontation with bugbears and thugs – signed a golden scroll. Mission: To meet at the old barrel making warehouse in 2 days time for further instruction. Must be well prepared to leave for weeks on end.
3) Thrown off the boat – managed to get a small dingy and attach it to the ship!

Session 2
4) Arrived at Baldur’s Gate a day early
5) Picked up a mission to recover items from the Mermaid Tavern – promised 120 silver for return of a crate from Gonin fort. Mission for the Leaky Cask!
6) On the way to the gnomish settlement ambushed by kobolts
7) Arrived at the Gonin fort – everything burned down
8) located some survivors – gnomes

Session 3
Gnomes were “helpful” – told them about a secret entrance. The fort was blocked up by the kobolts
Met a Tiefling Warlock who was fighting kobolts
Tried to scale the fort – got attacked by kobolts who threw Alchemist’s fire at them.
Retreated and used the alternative entrance – thought the spiders nest!
Encounter with 6 small and 1 large spiders. Just made it. Tunnels look of old age – possibly dwarven.
1 hour rest – managed to restore the monk and druid back to working order.
Rogue found some hidden gear in the old fountain


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