Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

Town celebrates at Bingo's expense

Bingo's near death experience and the wood elf spies.

Waiting patiently in the barn the party wanted to get a better view of the windmill entrance. They had the cover of the night, with the young moon revealing nothing but the outline of the buildings.

While the party rested, Bingo the rogue and Raak the druid decided to move a bit closer to the windmill to see if they can get any further information. Sneaking outside the barn, Raak had bumped into some of the livestock. The cows were frightened and started to move around. A few of the cows were frightened enough to run away, in the direction of the main village. The guards stationed near by light up their torches and started to search around for the source that spooked the distraught animals.

Bingo and Raak retreated back to the barn and waited patiently for the wandering torches to return to their positions.

After all had settled, they made a second attempt.
This time, they made it just as far, but again Raak had spooked the cattle. This time it was much worse. He had tripped and stumbled right into one of the cows, setting the whole heard off. Raak had retreated back into the barn, while Bingo had hidden himself in the ruins nearby.

Although the guards were out for a much longer time, the commotion had settled eventually with some of the cattle returning to their resting place. Bingo decided to make a solo attempt at gathering further information about the windmill and the guards.

He sneaked all the way up to the windmill and listened in to the guards.
The guards were playing a common dice game, gambling away their hard earned copper pieces. One of the guards sounded a bit intoxicated.

Bingo took this opportunity to get some further intel and pretended to be drunk himself and asking to take part in the game.
Coming out into the torch light, stumbling and slurring his words, he had asked to play the dice game. The guards saw this as an opportunity and of course let him play. The stakes were raised and soon they were playing for the sum equating to the guard’s wages.

At this point Bingo now owed the guards 20 silver pieces and tried to flee by dropping 1000 ball bearings and getting away as fast as possible.
Unfortunately for Bingo the guards saw straight through his plan and as he pulled out the ball bearing the guards were already on alert and attacked.

The drunk guard stumbled a bit and missed Bingo, but the other two pierced his armour and as Bingo turned to run a final hit knocked him unconscious. As his lifeless body lay there, the guards looted all they could. The wounds were so grave, that someone could have mistaken him to be dead.

In the barn the party waited patiently for Bingo’s return… and waited…
The druid woke everyone up and the party didn’t get their much needed sleep. They went to check the windmill as a group.

They entered the windmill, which to their surprise wasn’t guarded and found Bingo’s body. The druid tended to Bingo’s wounds. None of Bingo’s possessions could be found near him. The door leading to the top of the windmill was locked. Magical protection spells were guarding the door. As the party tried to enter, flames ripped out of the door, scorching the walls and majority of the party. The trap could not be disabled and the party left.

As they were leaving they could hear voices and music coming from the town. They decided to investigate.

The party found out that the guards had intercepted a large delivery from Baldur’s Gate – “an interim payment, while the rest of the gold owed is finalized”

Some of the goods that were intercepted by these guards were traded with the Wood elves – in the middle of the night. While some were put on the wagon with their best soldiers and sent to Baldur’s Gate to be traded.

The party saw one of the guards in the tavern. The tavern was full – beer was flowing, free in fact! The local bard was playing and the town was celebrating. Raak was approached by 4 wood elves, who were drinking water and were under a disguise. They told him to leave as they were watching the place. After leaving the tavern to search for some horses, Raak, Tylan and Theren were intercepted by a group of wood elves who were standing just outside of the town’s light. They threatened to attack, but the party managed to evade the encounter and return to the main town area.

In the meantime, Bingo and Nadar had spotted that the guard that attacked Bingo earlier on, was already drunk and had one of Bingo’s items on him. The royal nose ring that they found in the giant’s cave. Nadar and Bingo had a plan to retrieve this item.

While Nadar came to the bar and started making a scene by smashing the free beers, apparently they were terrible.
Bingo had climbed on the bar and acrobatically and stealthily made his way towards the nose ring guard. Unfortunately, his acrobatics had attracted unwanted attention and some of the crowed was cheering him on.

Seeing this, Nadar grabbed more mugs and smashed them onto the floor, cursing and intimidating those around him.
Bingo saw the opportunity and while congratulating the guard, with one flawless action, took the ring off and made his way out of the tavern. Raak followed, but not before he unintentionally made friends with some of the other patrons.

The party gathered together and now avoiding the wood elves, decided to leave the town and return back to Baldur’s Gate.

They hadn’t traveled far, when they were ambushed by a group of wood elves.
The wood elves were well hidden, but one of the elves had slipped and injured himself with a bow, giving away his position.
The party defeated the elves and kept one of them alive – ready to interrogate him.

XP and loot to be given out next session.
Raak has been given an inspiration point for deceiving the elves in the tavern and avoiding an encounter with wood elves outside the tavern.
Nadar and Bingo receive an inspiration point for retrieving the royal nose ring.



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