Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

The giant's cave and the farm encounter

Rats, infact, are highly attracted to alchemist's fire.

Searched bodies outside
Checked inside – 3 wounded men, large fire, giant area
Found loot
Cold boots, hand cross bow, rod, scrolls, gems and other items.
Royal Baldur’s Gate jewellery found – dragonborn fighter
Moved the fire – secret room
Illusion – library
Set on fire, abandoned living area of someone important – rugs etc.
Book about him trying to integrate and control the giants – not much success and failure towards the end.
Five more bandits returned and the party chased them.

Search bandits
Sleep in cave
Rats! One finds its way into Bingo’s bag. Raak sits patiently while it eats everything.
Eats alchemist’s fire – burning items
Rats biting 3 tied up prisoners
Set up a fire and patrol
Day comes – leave cave
Raak and Theren return to untie the prisoners, 1 probably won’t make it through the night.
Pass BG soldiers

Second session:
Arrive at the farm.
Archers shoot arrows to prevent any further progress.
Met up with the “leader”, who demanded 4000 gold coins to restart production of the tannery and butchers.
Explained that the wood elves have been invading their farm, so they have to be really protective. Wood elves arrived not a month ago and took over the east forest mountain range. The west mountain side is rocky.
Wood elves were stealing their cows and basically a constant threat.
Some of the archers were wood elves.
Further investigation revealed that the wood elf archers were wood elves that didn’t want to be part of the wood elf culture and constantly running away from a “threat”.

Party then traveled to the mountain edge, traveling up a path. The wood elves followed the party and then a shaman came out and decided that he will spare the party’s lives.
After a dangerous moment, the adventurers found out the wood elves didn’t want the cows and had traded in the past with the humans – bows for cows. Now the cows are just wandering into the woodland and since everything in the woodlands is theirs, so are the cows.
The elves are fleeing a great danger that has destroyed their lands.
The “giants” were also indirectly being “used” by the elves to prevent help from Baldur’s Gate – “They had their purpose” said the shaman
Shaman turned into a crow and flew away, releasing the party.

The leader of the farm also mentioned that mercenaries have been paid to come within a fortnight to “deal” with the elven threat. He has paid them in gold up front. But where was this gold from?

Later the party found that the humans had no control over the wandering cows and the cows could basically wandering anywhere.
Found a windmill that was spinning quite quickly… Nadar’s and Bingo’s investigation revealed it was used to grind gems for someone. That someone was paying handsomely for the process.
The cows were forced (sometimes to death) to operate the windmill, by running around in circles in a chamber below the building.
The party decided to wait in a barn nearby until the next night to find out more about the said person.


I have a feeling there will be some fighting tomorrow night!!!


Fighting? And shinies??


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