Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

The demon summoning begins.

Telepathically insulting a demon as it's pasing between two planes in agonising pain, is like sending a deaththreat to a gang leader and leaving your return address on the back

The party knew they had to act fast – they got off the boat and went straight into the very first tavern they could find to gather information.
They started asking around and Raak found a couple of sailors he had previously sailed with, unfortunately they were a bit drunk.
As they were asking around, bartender left and a horn was sounded. Only Raak and Theren heard the sounded and had time to only Teflon.

As the horn sounded, some of the patrons vacated the bar. Other patrons drew their weapons and attacked the party, as if knowing they were foreign. Theren moved in and distracted a magic user and a warrior, while Teflon attached the nearest enemy to him. Raak and Tylan fought off those around them and Thormyl took pot shots at a mage who was dealing some serious damage to the party.

The fight was over within a minute and the crowed outside, now larger than before started to make their way back. The party quickly searched the bar and the bodies, not taking anything from the till. They placed beer on the porch and prevented anyone coming back in. They made some copper from selling the drinks and pocketed this.

The crowed built up and eventually poured in. At this stage the bartender came back through the back door. Raak instantly jumped over the bar and threatened the barkeep, trying to find out who rang sounded the horn. Others around the bar took this as a threat and attacked. Before Tylan and Teflon could even react to the situation, Thormyl, There and Raak were down. Raak’s body was then tossed across the room – badly hurt. Tylan just managed to stabilise him before he passes to another world. Theren was in a similar situation – Teflon moving his body and then realising that he was at the brink of no longer being on this plane of existence. While this was all happening, Raak’s and Thormyl’s bodies were looted.

Tylan and Teflon took the bodies to a nearby barn and put them to rest. They contemplated the next steps. Teflon took action and went to buy some healing potions and also to meet his contact. Teflon found the supplies here were overpriced and could not afford any healing. He did however found his contact at the bar they just raided. Fortunately he was able to take shape of another person and sneak in unnoticed. He found that someone was being sacrificed later tonight and that he had been put on the list to attend this ritual. The Bloodhound guild was behind this.

They waited for the rest of the party to gain consciousness and planned their attack on the sacrificial chamber. At this stage they had a good idea who was being sacrificed – the priestess.

Tylan managed to enter with Teflon, paying with red agates and bloodstones.

The rest of the party waited outside with a new companion – Raak had charmed a dog…
They waited for the signal and then after much bribing and a combination of bluff, diplomacy and intimidation they all entered the underground chamber. 16 torches lined the walls and the 4 columns holding up the old stone sealing. A female servant had briefed them on their successful first step in becoming a bloodhound member and experiencing the sacrifice.

Three other rough looking men were with the party.

They entered the room with four large red horned humanoid like creatures who were in a cross formation around a large stone pedestal. On the pedestal an unconscious girl lay, surrounded by a circle of red agates and bloodstones. The female servant had moved to the other side of the room and had indicated for the summoning to start. The room resembled a cross, with each of the crosses end walls displaying a scroll and a magic fire burning near it.

The demons began to summon and the fires grew bigger, towards the middle, where the priestess lay.

The party quickly realised they didn’t have much time and attacked straight away. Two of the potential recruits ran for their lives straight away. The one that stayed behind, joined in the fight – taking the parties side, which surprised everyone.

The four red horned demons continued to summon, only fighting when necessary. As they continued to summon, the red gems evaporated into thin air, revealing misty portal like circle under the priestesses body. The mist, as if magic, surrounded and pierced her, causing her to moan and struggle, even though she was unconscious.

The party took down the first red horned demon, he instantly turned into ash! This slowed down the rate at which the gems were evaporating.

Unfortunately for the party the female servant also had magic up her sleeve. She was throwing red glowing magic stones at the party. Each one exploded right above their heads, causing the party to test their will or take mind damage.

Theren and Tylan went down, but the rest of the party managed to overcome the last three red horned demons and the servant.

As the summoning was interrupted, they saw that whatever was being summoned had a firm grip on the priestess. The area was tainted with magic, so Raak made a noose and pulled the priestess off the pedestal. Strange voices came from the now closing portal.

As the demon summoning spell withered and failed, Teflon telepathically communicated the following words to the demon who was in agonising pain: “Go back to hell, bitch”. The words he might live to regret.

Tired and injured, the party had for the first time defeated a demon, albeit by preventing him being summoned.

Religious investigations by Thormyl and Tylan revealed that after the sacrifice the demon would not only be raised, but he would have touched the very souls of those in the room. He would taint them in some way – possibly marking them so that they can be identified if needed. The reason for the summoning is not clear, but it was not for him to reside in these premises or possibly not even Baldur’s Gorge or Baldur’s Gate.

The party noticed that the old man that was helping at the start of the battle most likely had left mid-way through. Raak mentioned that he did see him take a hit from one of those red gems that were being thrown by the servant.


Raak needs more red gems.

The demon summoning begins.

Tylan’s just glad his soul wasn’t tainted

The demon summoning begins.

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