Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

The Crown and the cursed ship

Free barnacles for everyone.

The party completed their training and were now ready for their next challenge – eager to use their new abilities and spells.
They realised they were all carrying much more than they could actually physically carry and had to sell off some of their loot.
They found the magic shop closed. The seller was packing up and leaving, he was in a hurry. Raak and Tylan were the only ones who met him and they sensed urgency in him. He offered to sell them his last set of items – a scroll, a potion, his ring and his glass eye.
Tylan and Raak didn’t have enough gold, so they resorted to swapping their scroll of protection of good for the scroll and the potion.
The owner left the shop in a hurry.

As they were hanging outside the now closed shop, they saw a dozen or so guards attempt to gain entry to the shop. A guard was stationed and the guards were looking for further information about where he went. Tylan helped out the guards and pointed them in the right direction.

Raak had a different idea, using his new powers he turned into a mouse and tried to get past the guard. The guard spotted the critter and whacked it with his axe, instantly turning the mouse back in Raak – a wood elf. The guard cursed at the elf, but resisted to take another swipe at the druid.

At this point the party redistributed some of their wealth and resources – making sure no one is carrying all of their loot…

The party then went to search for an alternative vendor.

They managed to retrieve information that someone was actively buying and selling magic items. Sniffing out further information, they found out the person was station on the Crown ship in the docks.
As they only had one lead they went ahead and traveled to the docks district. Here Raak was in his zone – spotting one or two of his fellow crew members (avoiding one as the guy thinks Raak awesome him 10gp from a bet). As they came to the actual docks, they immediately noticed the three large masts towering above the building skyline. Coming closer a to the main docks, the massive barque was now fully visible, “Colossus” written in troll sized gold letters near the bow.

A group of Baldur’s gate guards were blocking entrance to the ship, behind them, a more strict and ordered line of well-armed Crown guards stood tall.

The party made every attempt to get on the ship but nothing worked.
But, then, to their luck, they saw Mosif, with his crew strolling towards the crown ship.

They intercepted him and it appeared he was in a hurry.
After a quick chat he had told them that he had almost lost a ship and its crew. It’s captain was captured, crew missing or dead. The few that managed to steer the ship back to port are shaken and in hiding. The actual boat was docked on the northern side of the docks – and after a number of his dock staff went missing trying to unload the cargo, no one will go near it. He had sent two groups to sort this problem out. Neither has returned upon entering inside.

For clearing out the ship, he is willing to attempt to organise a meeting with the person trading magic items.

The party agreed and head over to the northern docks. The guards station to prevent anyone boarding the ship said strange noises come from it at night. Ship is cursed – ran ground and is haunted.
The ship itself was a small coastal trading ship – but it was old, the wood was rotting and barnacles were everywhere – unusual for a ship to have so much.

Being careful, the party began boarding the ship. They managed to get one door open, saw nothing inside the captain’s quarters. The hull was still unexplored. Raak went to the bow and opened a storage gate.
Four half orcs jumped out. They were all covered in barnacles and some had bones sticking out.

The enemies were fierce. Almost instantly taking down the Bingo. Their attacks not only did damage, but also “persuaded” the injured target to jump into the water, Tylan found out.
At one point the Raak, whilst in bear form, stood on the very hatch on the deck that the enemies jumped out of, only to fall through it due to his weight. Not lurking around, in bear form, he immediately climbed out.
Thormyl did his best to fight and stabilise the party, especially Bingo.
Two more enemies came from the captain’s cabin, but they were also dealt with in the end.

The party have not entered the ship.
Bingo and party found the following items on the six half orcs:

6 battle axes
3 hand axes
6 Damaged chain mail
2 shields
Artisan’s tools
Grappling hook
3 torches
2 crowbars
chain (10 feet)
crossbow bolts (14)
Lots of barnacles

Xp not given.
Thormyl and Raak earned an inspiration point.


‘With Bingo’s halfling nose, he noted that the spell weaver’s normally flowery perfume was more bilge water stench, and chuckled, although confused at how he would tell him and the other elf apart. He decided he’d use the fact that one was in a dress and the other one had a fancy dwarven lady’s brooch, so it shouldn’t be too difficult, even if they still looked all alike.’

Ps I’m pretty sure our scarebear entered the ship… Albeit briefly!

The Crown and the cursed ship

Have i offloaded any of my stuff yet? Also am I still at the tavern I think from the week before?

The Crown and the cursed ship

Bingo has received an inspiration point!
This isn’t going to be a regular way to receive an inspiration point, but this the first time someone put some time into their post :)

Nadar still has all of his stuff and is resting in his favourite tavern in the City Gate district of Baldur’s Gate. He has recently met up with the Warlock and can offload his staff before going to search for the party.

The Crown and the cursed ship

Raak noted the halfling’s appreciative stares at the elves and made mental notes to hand the pretty broach back to the Sorcerer and the soonest opportunity and never to drink alone with Bingo.

The Crown and the cursed ship

This took me 45 mins to login, but thankfully Tylan didn’t drown

The Crown and the cursed ship

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