Arana's ascension and Baldur's Gate

Another one joins the party, with instant regret.

The only good thing about owlbears is that the wizard who created them is probably dead

The party searched the area, they were in a hurry and Bingo was a bit distracted so his search was not as fruitful as it is usually. He found the weapons the wood elves were using, short bows and short swords. Their armour was too big, for him to don. Seeing this hurried attempt at the search, Raak did his own, turning a few of the elves over and finding a coin or two and a whole lot of arrows.

The party interrogated the captured wood elf leader. With the high insight Raak had, he spotted that something was amiss with his behaviour. The elf looked like a well training fighter and probably wouldn’t give them much information, but he kept looking around, breaking character.

After a while, the elf finally caved in and told that he was worried about a specific young elf who was in one of the trees. The party agreed to check on him and help him (if possible) if the wood elf leader would answer their questions. The wood elf guided them to a tree, not 60 ft in the forest, which had a bird, that did not seem to be afraid of them. Raak proceeded to search the tree, but was warned by the elf, not to, as the bird was actually an alarm. Setting it off would alert others.

Raak gave the go ahead for the wood elf to call off the bird, not before surrounding the elf and readying an action to attack.

The bird was called off, or it seemed it was. Inside the tree were two small potions. They applied one to the young elf, who was barely alive and took the other. The leader elf was relieved and told them that they were tasked to track the party down and use force to find out where the farms gold and items came from and if they were going to Baldur’s gate to sell them.

Confused by the fact that it was Bingo’s items and gold that was partially given to the wood elves, the wood elf leader had nothing more to say except ask for Raak’s name. The party tied him up, although at this point they were on neutral terms. The wood elf was grateful that the young elf survived and their lives were spared.

The party continued forth, even though Raak could no longer tell how far behind the travelling horsemen they were. Theren was only doing slightly better at tracking, confirming that indeed there had been horse travel in the direction of travel in the past week. Helpful…

Even though it was now coming to the second day of travelling without rest, the party pushed on. Surprisingly no one was exhausted from the travel.

They spotted a lone figure up ahead. With caution they closed the distance, abstaining from ambushing the target from the forest.

The lone figure was a well armoured dwarf, covered in blood with and a blooded cloth banner of the farm on his shield. He seemed weary and tired, but not hostile.

After a winded and a bit of an awkward conversation he said that was looking Nodor, a dragonborn and his party. He was sent by Mosif, to retrieve the party safely from the farm.
Although initially suspicious, the party (or majority) trusted his word and story.

The dwarf also explained that he was ambushed twice on his travels, the second time only barely surviving, as lightly armed riders almost trampled him. He managed to hit a couple and almost dismounted one. He had dropped a few of the items, an arrow, Bingo’s +1 arrow. There were five to ten riders, he wasn’t sure as it all happened so quickly and he was knocked out.

The party continued forth, not an hour went by and they heard a strange whistling sound… they couldn’t quite identify it, until it was too late. An owlbear and two hobgolbins came springing out of the bushes and undergrowth. Theren’s monk instincts kicked in and he was able to sense the attack. Tylan and the dwarf identified the screech – the screech just before the owlbear attacks its prey. Tylan shouting a single word to dragonborn, alerting him to the imminent danger, leaving only Raak to be flatfooted.

The battle was fierce, Nadar and Theren taken on a hobgoblin each, with Tylan providing cover fire with fiery spells. The dwarf went toe-to-toe with the massive beast, his armour and shield providing just enough protection each time for the blow not to be fatal. Unfortunately the owlbear, towering over 10 feet, also had a beak attack. Which hit the dwarf every time and every time the dwarf would use his magic and heal himself, almost to full health. The party saw this feat and the fact these were much more powerful than the druid healing spells.

Nadar breathing dragon breath across the one of the hobgolins and owlbear, doing massive damage. Tylan finishing off the other hobgoblin with his magic. The party was now concentrating on the owlbear, with the dwarf cleric still taking majority of the hits, his shield now punctured by the claws and well worn. The party had now weakened the beast, but it had one more trick up its sleeve (or fur/feathers?), it’s screech. It moved into position and screeched a deafening sound, but the entire party managed to resist this mind attack.
Tylan finished off the ownbear with his firebolt spell and the party searched the remains.

The owlbear was wearing a harness, strange the druid thought. It must have been raised by the hobgoblins. The druid also detected a magic aura coming from the creature. Tylan confirmed that apparently they were created by a wizard – who probably died shortly after. The dragonborn didn’t want to take any chance, and sliced off the head, and Raak noted the magic aura started to dissipate. Hobgoblins didn’t have much with them, the party looted what they could.

The party was on a mission and ignored/avoided any further confrontations.

Coming up on the main road, the party saw a massive caravan with Baldur’s Gate guards traveling towards the north tower, on the east coast. Tylan strolled up to find further information, but was almost killed by the horses. The caravan did not stop.

The party pushed forward, now going two days without rest. Tylan’s and Raak’s bodies could no longer continue and needed to rest. Fortunately the were now on the main road and a tavern was not far from them.

They stopped for the night at the tavern, but not before impressing the owner and getting a round of free drinks. They also learned that the horsemen were only 12 hours or so ahead of them. They were two days from Baldur’s Gate.

The party wakes up the next day.

Dwarf may need his shield repaired from the access damage in the future. Currently shield functioning as normal. Try avoiding further battles with large beasts.
XP has already been given out.


Stupid aggressive caravan driver.


Raak’s tracking skills seem to need some refinement.


I chopped that head off good and proper


Sorry I missed that owlbeast encounter… Sounded fun! Oh and “Thanks for writing the post Grisha” “really helpful” “I wasn’t there/paying attention but now I know what happened”


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